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  1. sbaasman

    sbaasman New Member

    Has anyone tried SetandForget.WS? I am thinking of joining but would like to talk to someone that is in it.
  2. martinbradstreet

    martinbradstreet New Member

    Hi Susan,

    I am a member of S&F and I would reccomend it. Although I have not received tons of spillover I have received some. I think that the video tuts show you some great and very valuable info.

    I suggest to give it a go. After all it's only a dollar for a 1 month trial.

    If you interested theres a link at my site [​IMG]
  3. wintowin

    wintowin New Member

    Hi Susan,
    Building an online business is a cut throat business.S&F is Simon Ussher creation from the person James Grandstaff Downline Secrets. I started S&F got through the videos and that was that.There has been no assistance to my questions. I have watched over the past months the changes to the internet and especially how to achieve the ultimate goal, visitors to buy. You can get visitors to the sites that you create by the use of setandforget ideas,however, the big marketers have picked the last helping of the pie and left us with the scraps...But there is a however, I will place a link to my site for anyone wishing to achieve in having an online business that will produce a recurring income day after day week after week month after month year after year. We provide assistance with our elite team members...So with S&F learn if you from those videos..sit down and arrange what you want to do..obtain some free templates and test yourself out in creating a website..add your own text,graphics and so on. Get knowledge for it is in your own benefit to do so...Sorry for the hush hush with our sites..We are upgrading...Warren [​IMG]
  4. pstol08

    pstol08 New Member

    I originally signed up through Kiosk from the page. After watching some of the videos, and discovering that the really important videos are always 'coming soon', I decided to go a different direction, and create a 'set and NOT forget' type page - tons of business resources to help people make money with OR without the Kiosk hosting. The reason I did not just cancel my hosting and "forget" the whole thing is:

    Kiosk is REALLY AWESOME!!! I'm not kidding, the resources they provide are great, Simon should have considered using them to build better pages. I created my website in 4 days working a few hours each day... check it out and see what you think!

    I'm using the lead capture tools, mailing list tools, 300 leads/day, Safelist system, Some of the 50+ included scripts, web stats tracking, autoresponder, and I think that might be it. I would have used their webpage builder and cool looking templates, but I like to play around with code... Anyway, there are tons of amazing, professional quality tools available with Kiosk - and the support from the Kiosk team really is top notch! I had 4 answered support requests on my first day! All were answered politely and within one hour!!! I am truly impressed with Kiosk, and I hope you give it a try!

    If you can dedicate 1-4 hours per day initially, you should not have a problem turning a profit by the end of your first month - second at the latest. So, if you:

    - Get $1 30-day trial of Kiosk
    - Buy domain for $15
    - Assume no profit, buy second month for $25

    Your total business startup cost is STILL just $41 - and your profit potential with Kiosk is virtually unlimited! This especially when you factor in the hundreds of other ways you can profit from your website(s)!

    Whether or not you want to try Kiosk, check out my site at least for the free info on website promotion, or to get some neat free gifts!

    Oh, and if you are already a member of 'set and forget' - Come to my site to see what you COULD do with your hosting!!!!

    You can always change just one of your pages, or add a domain and build another website to get you more signups!

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