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    I believe success happens when opportunity meets preparedness. So if our goal is to be successful we have to have an opportunity which we all do with Coastal and then we have to be prepared.

    One of the great things in this forum are the abundance of great leaders we have. Unfortunately that doesnt translate into an abundance of SHARED ideas in what I think ( again this is my opinion) is the most productive manner. We all seem to post in the same threads and then get into debates that most of the time take us off the subject. We quote each other out of context and many times some of us waffle in what we talk about.

    To an outsider looking at Coastal this must be troubling. We have so many leaders that seem to go back and forth at each other and dont share enough of their own ideas in a way that everyone will get the full effect of those ideas. It becomes my way is better that your way. That is unfortunate. Lets all begin to follow the flow of the threads and if you have a good idea then start a thread on it. Many of the threads I create get alot of views as I make it my business to share content. Its like the old E F Hutton commercial ( I think I used that analogy in another post have to check that) if you have something good to say people will listen. Now this is not to say im the expert on everything. My views are my views and opinions and what has worked for me. Take what you want from them but always remember I do my best to share.

    So id love to see some interesting topics lead by some other leaders. Its great to piggyback on other threads but you all are individuals and successful ones in your own right and have a story to share. Even you new people. Share. Thats what this forum is about.

    On another note understand that this forum because of the crazy laws of the search engines comes up in the top rankings over and over. Why not use that popularity to uplift everyone and share your idea and put yourself in the best light with the world. Remember people from everywhere are looking and what you post affects each and every Coastal member. So do your best and lets continue to share and make this forum the best it can be.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director

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