She was mad at me today

Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by lathalukose, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. lathalukose

    lathalukose New Member

    She said I was a bad mommy. I apparently didn't pay attention to her. How do you focus on work and baby at the same time. Can't wait for school to begin. Please help. ...
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    How old is she? I have five kids and sometimes it is worth it to just take about ten minutes and read a story to them or hug and have special time.

    It helps and they are content for a long time again.[​IMG]
  3. lathalukose

    lathalukose New Member

    she is 5.
    I want to do all what you said but I am so torn between my work and her. I dont feel like I am doing justice at all.
    Today is one of those bad days I guess...
  4. RyanMis

    RyanMis Guest

    mountainmom5: it is worth it to just take about ten minutes and read a story to them or hug and have special time.
    I agree. I can tell when all my 3 yr old wants to do is have some attention. We can never get that back. Before we know it, they'll be gone.
  5. dpace

    dpace New Member

    My oldest is 20 and I remember the day I was told I was a bad mommy. It cut deep. My middle son was one who needed all the attention and if it was not what I would call the good attention he would do anything to get me to concentrate on him. He is 16 now and he still on some days needs all my attention. It will get better. Children have bad days just like we do.
  6. djimelee

    djimelee New Member

    I agree that its not that easy to focus your attention on two things, especially that they are both important, ur work and ur child..But it is just a matter of managing ur time..and also having a good communication with ur child is very important and letting them understand the situation.
  7. rubsync

    rubsync New Member

    Oh.. that is so sad.. maybe she just want your full attention... don't worry dear, everything will be fine.. hmmnn.. I think you both need to have quality time with each other..
  8. samda

    samda Member

    I am not a dad. I think our dear Admin, can answer this well. Because one of his motto is to raise his kid in a gentle way and he does manage the job. I hope he will.

  9. coffee

    coffee New Member

    I understand where you are coming from. My little guy doesn't talk yet (14 months). I usually work when he is napping. But sometimes I am in the middle of sometime when he wakes up. He gets a snack and I try to set him up with something, but usually I stop what I am doing. I mostly work at nap time and night time.
  10. baby_femme

    baby_femme New Member

    Seems like you want to get rid of your child... Lols!!! Seriously, you have to talk to her in a more mature manner, tell her that what you are doing is absolutely for her... And you need her cooperation, Life is getting harder and harder as it seems and you need to go along with it (just hope it'd work with your child too). And tell the truth, you're a working mom and you can't go full-time mom as she'd like it to be, but at least you are making every possible way to catch up with her, 'coz you want her to be somebody... take a deep drama on this..
  11. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    you can search and find a job if you lose your job. but your daughter?you can find her or replace her if you lose her?[​IMG]
  12. krazyladyplz

    krazyladyplz New Member

    Are you spending as much time with her as you think you are?

    We sometimes get so consumed in our work, we fail to realize how much time we spend working and not enough family time. You always plan to do better next time, just let me get this done tonight, and I'll spend more time tomorrow. Tomorrow will never come if you don't change your mindset.
  13. vijendrasnv

    vijendrasnv New Member

    Oh yeah this is common problem for the parents who both in professional job.Kids always this complaint that their parents not giving them time.Sometimes it might be true.
    But this is really very important to maintain balance b/w social and professional life.
  14. Lauram

    Lauram New Member

    I'm finding the same thing daughter, two, is wanting my attention when I'm trying to figure something out on the computer...I generally work when she's napping as well...

    But, you have to take a look at what they must be thinking if you don't give them that time...."mommy's (or daddy's) computer is more important than me!!"

    How sad is, yes, stop and hug and spend some quality time with your little one...the computer will still be there later!! [​IMG]

    Be in the moment b/c that moment will soon be gone!!
  15. dv078686

    dv078686 New Member

    it is hard to raise a kid i am 18 and i have a daughter who is 8 months...i got prenant at 17 and it is hard...that i know...trying to work go to school and taking care of my daughter is alot of stress....keep your chin up...[​IMG]
  16. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    Yes the time with children is fleeting at best. If you want to see time fly watch a child grow. And believe me the older you get the faster it seems to go. Maybe just a hug and try to explain to her about work. I had to do the same thing with my children. Explain to her the best you can at age 5 but give her hugs and kisses as well. Balance is important not just for her but for you too. Keep that in mind. If you keep stressing about being a "bad mommy" that isn't any good for you either and will put a wedge between you and the little one.
  17. 1107common

    1107common New Member

    One should focus on child. Our priority is our child I must say we should focus on children. They are not going to take our whole day or life. We just have to care for few years. Then our priority is OUR CHILD.

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