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    People stay away from I have been scamed![​IMG] First they tell you that you only pay $1.95 for mail expense to send you a stupid brochure with a letter that comes with your supposibly passsword and member ID.

    The operator also tells me that this program comes with EXPLORE USA AND VALUE PLUS (I forgot what they are) I specifically told the operator that I did not wanted this program but they insisted that It was included that if i didn't like it then I could get my refund back and that I would get to keep a gift card for joining the program. so I agreed.

    Next day I check my visa account I see that I have been charge $2 dollars for both programs that i didn't even want and I did not authorized charging my card. I phone them and they tell me that the charge was none refundable because they were wire fees? IM like what! I told them that I did not wanted the program in the first place that shopper services told me another thing. The woman still told me that it was non refundable and theres nothing that I could do. I told them to cancel both programs that I dont want them charging me again. She cancel my membership as I told her that I dont ever wanted to be charge by both companies again she hungs up on me I CANT BELIEVE THAT!

    But what is strange is that in the letter I got with Shopper services they have that BBB logo and I went to check it out and turns out that they are register in the BBB but they are not members. How weird is that? All I can say is that I have been scamed and I am planning to send some dispute forms to both companies to give me my refund for unathorized charge. So ppl stay away from them. STill this serve me right for being stupid. One thing is Ill NEVER PAY FOR ANOTHER MYSTERING SHOPPING COMPANY with out doing my homework first. I hope this helps.
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    I am sorry but it seems you have forgotton to mention that every verification is recorded for your protection as well as the company's. Each trial that is offered is explained in detail. Each program has its own activaition fees, trial, and monthly fees. Each recording is reviewed BEFORE the accounts are activated. IF by any chance a representative does TRY to sign you up for something that you didn't agree to or disclose the proper information for, the account is not activated and you are not signed up for it nor charged for it. EVERYTHING is explained BEFORE you agree. Something as small as the representative not providing their name on the recording or even verifying your address correctly, could stop the account from being set up. YOU simply need to pay more attention when YOU PROVIDE your information out. The refund you mentioned the rep had told you about was for Shopper Services. IF you complete your training within the 30 day trial and cancel, you are eligible for the 1.95 sign up fee FROM Shopper Services. Your mention of Shopper Services not being members of the BBB was by CHOICE. Shopper Serivces was a member, but as members, Shopper Services could not get any response from them so, AS YOU DID, they canceled their membership when they became uncomfortable with the company.

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