Short success guide for Newbies

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    How you can be successful as affiliate marketer?

    Short guide for newbies.

    As an affiliate marketer you need to take the following steps:
    - If you have chosen your niche, then you need to pick up a hot selling product with the highest paid commission. (clickbank, jvzoo, etc.)
    - You will need pick the right domain name what compelling to your affiliate product. Never send traffic to your affiliate link. (it’s ugly and it doesn’t look professional ) You must redirect the affiliate link to you domain name.
    - You will need a squeeze page (landing page). This page has only one purpose. Collect e-mail addresses. After the visitors gave their e-mail addresses then it’s leading to your affiliate product. For highest convertion rate offer free e-book, free report, etc.
    - You will need an autoresponder where you can collect the email addresses.
    - You will need targeted visitors to your squeeze page.

    That’s it.

    If you take exactly these steps the chance is high to make money online.
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    thank's for those tips, I'll try to use some of them.
    Right now I'm working on creating a new site.
    Any ideas?

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