should a Single Social Bookmark Account have many different niches?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by noreal, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. noreal

    noreal New Member

    I am promoting 3 things:

    vitamins, digital media, dog toilets

    when promoting online, is it fine to just use one SB site say diigo social bookmarking, and use a single account to promote these 3 products?

    because when you link with other people on the SB sites, would they feel i'm a spammer given i don't concentrate on a topic?

    please give me ideas thanks!!

  2. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    I take SB like backlinks. And you want different types of backlinks, not just 1. Lets say Ezinearticles. I use as many SB sites i know, are decent and good. For every niche, i use different account. And for every account i use different proxies.

    If you do SB in small scale. Few bookmarks, then it doesn't matter much. If you are doing a lot of bookmarking, well, around 100 per week from 1 site (diigo). Then they will find out, that its you, who uses SB to boost own sites. And you know what happens. You lose rankings. They are not stupid.

    You get amazing results, if you use different proxies, IP's and accounts. Then all bookmarks will look natural, like from different users. All bookmarks from same know yourself, that its not natural.

    Edit: do you want 1 person talking about 1 site 100 times, or you want 100 people, talking about 1 site? I think second option will make your site look WAY more popular and natural.
  3. noreal

    noreal New Member

    thanks margo24[​IMG]

    say if i have only 10 niches i concentrate on, in this case should i still split accounts for every niche?

    <<<<<<<<<<<<You get amazing results, if you use different proxies, IP's and accounts.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    is proxies the same as ip's?


  4. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    take it this way: promote with one account. Once you have done your bookmarks (its not good idea to submit same bookmark from same account again). So lets say you have 10 niches. Find 2 ways to bookmark your page. You can get between 10-20 bookmarks per account. Then change it. Use different account. Change account after 1 week.

    Don't only focus on bookmarking. RSS feeds are also good way to get your site up. Be smart and try to be as natural as possible.

    Im not IT guy, to explain exactly how proxies work, but something like this (if i get it wrong, sorry ok [​IMG] ). You buy private proxy, it will work as a server or IP, you can do your work etc. through this. So lets say your IP ends as ....21.163 and private proxy is ...45.437, then all your work done from there, will show up in search engines, bookmarking sites etc. as ...45.437. Backlinks from different IP's are much stronger than same IP. This will look more natural and WILL get ranked much better than your own IP backlinks.

    PS! I recommend that you don't mess with them, as it is complicated and very easy to mess things up.

    I think i saw a post in Warrior Forum, where was listed some social bookmarking sites. Im not sure, but i think there was around 200+ sites. So, to finish them, with your IP, will take some time. Using many sites is same like using 1 site, with different IP.

    I buy monthly SEO service for my sites. Link wheels, video creation and submission, articles and UAW submission, bookmarking and rss, and blog commenting. I get amazing results, and always on safe side, as they use different proxies, accounts etc. Im not expert to do this (well, i know a lot about SEO), but i don't want to mess something up.
  5. 3l337

    3l337 New Member

    I use a new user account every week for all my work for the week, its easy if you can have accounts created fast. Make sure you dont write the same thing for all the accounts.

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