Should I call before I email?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by kasandrakline, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. kasandrakline

    kasandrakline New Member

    I receive approx. 2000 free leads per do you get the best response without wasting your time? Should I call before I email, or email and then call? Any suggestions?
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Depends on the leads.... I used to work leads by the gobs and here is what you will find if you are new at this.

    If you are getting that many leads a day they are old leads. They will not know who you are PLUS there are a bunch of other folks that are trying to "sell" them on why they need to get into THEIR program.[​IMG]

    With that many leads you are better off putting them into a mass email campaign of some sort where you can send them a series of maybe 3 - 4 emails with an opt in page to YOUR program.

    That way once they have opted themselves in to getting information from YOU they are now a hot lead and you will definitely want to call them at this point.

    Make sense?

    The absolute best way is to do your own marketing and have people opt into a landing page that will be YOUR lead and only yours... [​IMG]

    But NO, do not frustrate yourself with calling stone cold leads like that . [​IMG]
  3. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    I think mountainmom5 has given you some very good advice. You would be wasting your time and cause yourself massive angst if you were to attempt to call all those cold and mainly unresponsive leads.

    Generate your own leads and then you will have a much fresher and more responsive lead than the 2000 cold leads you mention above.
  4. kasandrakline

    kasandrakline New Member

    Ok..thank you for the great advice.. but, you say to do my own marketing?? What are some suggestions for that... I do have an opt-in on my website... now I need people to see it...Thanks for the help.
  5. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    You can do things like squidoo lenses, classified ads and article mention just a couple of things. PPC is not something I would recommend for you at this time as your program has lots of competition amongst itself online.
  6. kasandrakline

    kasandrakline New Member

    I don't have a lot of money to spend on advertising yet... where do you all suggest I post classifieds?
  7. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    You can post free classifieds in such places like Craigslist, kijijii, usfreeads,inetgiant.....
  8. StevenMale

    StevenMale New Member

    There are many things you could do, but if you are receiving that many leads, then why not split test them?

    Break them down and see which emails work best on them, for example break them down into groups of 500 and send each group a different email. See which one gets the best click through rate and go from there.

    I do agree to not call them, first of all that's a LOT of calling and secondly your time can be better spent marketing your website and opt in list etc.
  9. billiebjosey

    billiebjosey New Member

    I like to have leads optin and use a series of autoresponders...that works best for me..holp this helps

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

  11. sarah84

    sarah84 Guest

    how could you get many leads? i wish i could too [​IMG]
  12. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

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