SICK and Tired Of Getting *Spam* On Myspace, WEB 2.0 Doesn't WORK?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by GavinStephenson, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. GavinStephenson

    GavinStephenson New Member

    Why does everyone in MLM GOLD MINE / Lights Camera Cash Get all the leads and traffic.

    I always wondered what was going wrong when I tried to market online using WEB 2.0.

    I started to Study DK and Gregory Drake and I realized that they always said YES YES YES.. Or Hello Hello Hello. And your like whats that got to do with marketing?

    SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES.. I studied them even more and found out there was in a community called the Million Mind March? So I bought a book called *SUPERMIND* by the found Joe Schroeder.

    Heres the TIPS I Got From it.

    1. What You Give Away You Get To Keep
    2. Give Away more in Value Than You Take In Cash
    3. My Prosperity Prospers Others and There Prosperity Propers Me
    4. Sleep is For Broke People
    5. Be What it Is You Want TO Become Looking Back On Yourself.

    I spend more time and money on myself than I do on my business. WHY? it Makes more attractive when I Make My Videos.. HE HE or I might just look good.

    I Fail to Succeed.

    Working From Home was hard for me until I understood the code behind driving (free traffic) to my business.

    Build People First and That Will Return Building Your Business.. GOOD LUCK
  2. Breanne

    Breanne Guest

    Those were some great tips. I will definitely put into action more of those things you suggested. I have already put into action some of these things and will definitely apply it more. I have seen great success with these tips you provided.
  3. GavinStephenson

    GavinStephenson New Member

    Yes Yes Yes Glad I could Give You Some Value..

    I have more to Come . Keep A Look Out
  4. johbasetow

    johbasetow New Member

    MySpace seems to allow spam, I would say just use facebook its not like that.
  5. GavinStephenson

    GavinStephenson New Member

    I am on facebook also

    Although theres alot of spam there theres alot of people to teach.. everybody is jumping to facebook

    I learned to do different from the crowd and I still get leads from myspace. there are people that dont have a clue how to market that want to learn and teach others

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