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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by texdelguy, Dec 20, 2007.

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    I have a question to ask everyone. I was thinking of setting up a website, outlining the a family disaster that nearly cost my 12 yr old son is life. Then asking those who are willing to donate 1.00 to our family. I figure this is up front and honest, better than lying and scamming them out it. I know it has worked for disastered celebs and athletes. I am not trying to make a million dollars with this, just to get my family back on their feet after lost our hose, business, and are down 1 vehicle. I would welcome any feedback on this idea.
  2. opendomain

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    Would you donate to a site like that??? I know I wouldn't and it's not the I don't believe your story it's that there are 1000 people out there who have done this tiem and time again as a scam.

    If you need help I would suggest des, or a church group or possibly family if you are in that situation.

    In a tight situation most people come online hoping to make it rich in a week or find some way to make $$$$ quickly and most end up being disappointed.

    If I were you I would focus my energy elsewhere during this crisis until you are able to stable your family out. I wen tthrough something similar to this and tried to find work online to make things easier and realized about 1 week into it that I would be better off getting a part time job at wal-mart or Mickey D's as it's a sure income until you can stabilize.

    You'll be in my prayers and if there is any way other than trying to get you started in an online business, I can help please do not hesitate to ask.

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    You can try Modest Needs or Digital Charity. Also getting visitors to your website may be difficult

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