Simple Method to Increase Traffic/Money Makers - Part Two

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by LindaSweetfield, May 13, 2010.

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    Hey guys. So to continue on from what I started yesterday I thought I would begin a five or six post series of simple how to go from a to z in simple steps and make some money if you are starting out. This is an expansion of sorts on the word cup method I posted on a few days ago. Here I get the calendar out again and I look at the occasions that come up in a year, mothers day, fathers day, Halloween, Christmas (the last two in particular are excellent) but there are a myriad of smaller occasions that cause a surge in traffic so look at them all and don't overlook any of them. The trick obviously is to hone in then on related products.

    So product research. Could not be easier. I will take the example of Mothers day. I simply went to Amazon and looked at mothers day products, drilled down until I found some higher end gifts - this gave me (a) a set of exact keyword(s) (b) products I could see and compare commissions on for myself on Amazon, Commission Junction, Link share, etc.

    I use a range of tools in my own business for assessing volume, commercial intent etc but the fact is that I usually start off with the free google keyword tool and that's all you need really to begin with too. I put in the product keyword and exact match and see what I get, I don't need much volume because these are the definition of buyer keywords. Time spent = 20 mins. Tomorrow I will outline what I would do next. Any questions, just let me know. Lin
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    There are a variety of quality ways to drive quality targeted traffic.

    The more web traffic strategies you can apply the more hits of people that could find what you have interesting and take action.

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