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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by candymason, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. candymason

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  2. makemoneyonline

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    Make $500 in your first two hours- guaranteed? Looks like a scam right off the bat!
  3. hotboy18

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    Yeah! It really seems to good to be true!
  4. Bigrich

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    UHHUM,,,Yeah right.................
  5. suzz

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    it is a scam. they asked you to pay for a domain from a hosting company, asked for your user name and pass word, built up a weird website for you with only their own advertisements. the affiliate program links they posted on your website are not really like what they demonstrate in their video but only direct you to endless website and fill in endless forms WITHOUT letting you know how much money you'll get. you got tons of auto e-mail from them but once you write them one, they will never get back to you. and their 800 line always say "we'll have some one to get back to you" but they never do it and solve your problem. its just a scam that makes you make $$ for them not for yourselves!!
  6. catarina10

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    I want to try this system, because I do need to make some money.Is there any legit website out there it will help me make $?I would appreciate some help!
  7. knighttosha

    knighttosha New Member

    Suzz it looks like you have ordered the system. did you? and if so because you found that it was a scam did you request your money? if so did you get it back?
  8. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I never heard of them before but when I took a look at their site, I was impressed and can say that it looks very legitimate.
  9. piano11raju

    piano11raju New Member

    Can anyone help me atleast to make $10 online every day.

    I would be u , I have tried everything but in vain
  10. shuvo

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  11. tlh311

    tlh311 New Member

    [​IMG]I was scammed by this program. I can't talk for everyone who has tried it but once I played by their rules I am still trying to get my refund. I was never able to access my website, which I signed up for on August 3, 2011. To join their program the start up fee is $27.00 but then you have to have a 'hostgator' domain immediately which costs $137.00 (since hostgator will bill you $3.81 at 36 months). In the Six Figure Programs initial training video they (Ben and Dave) act like they will be your right hand men, and everything with their program will run smoothly. They even state they will not leave you just out their on your own, but that too is not true. I emailed both of them and their support without any help when I couldn't access my website. It took them a week and a half to ask ME if I had the right hostgator password, when I emailed them the original 'Welcome Email' from hostgator which contained my password in it. WHO is the Six Figure Program being operated by? At this point I would like to turn the clock back and delete the original email that I received from their program asking me to sign-up at their low refundable price!

    If you only read this "save your money and time!"
  12. rafaelsmail

    rafaelsmail New Member

    get into their first webpage to sign up it for 27 bucks and close it down, when you do that another screen will pop up saying ... "GET THE SIX FIGURE INCOME SYSTEM FOR EVEN LESS WHEN YOU ACT NOW! "

    then ..... they offer you the same program for $14 bucks [​IMG]

    it is a total fraud ! SCAM for sure people
  13. kilted

    kilted New Member

    Many of these "training" programs have sell downs where if you close the buy window it offers you a cheaper price. Hostgator, if you look hard has a monthly option. I pay 10.00 a month for my unlimited domain. tho i bought my names thru a different large company seen on TV a lot. If you get the refund please post your results.
  14. momxcore

    momxcore New Member

    i have actually had some progress with this program...their assistant Jessica always gets back to my emails...through watching some of their MANY training videos, i tweaked the website, added my own links to products, changed the videos, and began to make enough to fund another website...the Hostgator webhosting site has a month-to-month level, that's just $8.95/month, with the first month free. it takes focus and work, but i really believe i'm on the way to a significant income. it didn't happen overnight, but in about 6 weeks i'm making some $$. no complaints!!
  15. latte

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    i had just signed up this program, when i looked through all these messages and they all talked about this program is a scam. it makes me feel so uncomfortable. so please just let me know how is it? are you really making money? and how do you claim your money?? any help will be appreciated!!!
  16. Tbone4363

    Tbone4363 New Member

    @ momxcore - Thanks for sharing your story. This program does seem to be too good to be true. Everyone wants to make money without working hard for it. Can you share some details to your success to help the "non-beleivers"?

    1.) How much total have you had to invest before you saw your first check?

    2.) Can you select any internet business type or are you given a selection that you can ONLY choose from?

    3) How many hours a day and days per week have you worked on your site before it started to produce for you?

    Thank you again for sharing your information. Truly appreciate it!

  17. shanver99

    shanver99 New Member

    Hi this is mary ann.......I bought the program Aug.17,2011 but it took me 1 week before i signed up bec. i couldn't access the code they gave me. Until now i'm still in the learning process following their step by step videos. But it seem's complicated for me. So i decided to call the PROSPER CONSULTANT for mentoring but i was shock when i learned how much is the tuition fee ( $6,000 to $13,000.). Right now i'm still building my website which i don't know it will work or not. I'll get back to you as soon as i completely build my website..........
  18. knhill

    knhill New Member

    I just started this program yesterday, and while I have not gotten my website set up yet I have been through all of the material they provide. Watched tons of videos, read the book, and starting poking around on the website they built me. I can absolutely say that I do not believe this is a scam. Everything I have seen and read so far have been completely legitimate. This program takes WORK. They tell you right off that you won't get rich in a day, a week, a month, and in some cases even a year. They tell you how they worked their butts off for months to even get a grasp on it. I have complete faith in this program, and am excited to see where it will take me.
  19. nickv_uk

    nickv_uk New Member

    Dont know the prg never heard of it or used it.

    Looked at their salespage after reading these posts.

    They list a lot of high profile comapnies saying these Cos pay you for traffic. Well its true that some companies, credit card, financial services etc, do pay high referal fees for people who buy their products.

    You know that guy who sold you your mortgage/ house insurance etc gets a nice commision check for your business, I m guessing this scheme works on the same principal just using the net instead of a face to face selling.

    The problem I see with this scheme is you need to have a big a list
    to email to, or a lot of traffic coming to your site to make money off the 1% or 2% who actually convert to buyers.

    So if youre a newbie no list, no traffic, not too sure about of alot that html stuff, then this is not the product to start with.

    You may well learn some useful techniques you may even make a few ??/$ , but I seriously doubt you would get the results claimed.

    So the question I would ask is, "is what you learn enough to justify the cost" ?

    My general view on 'paying/buying' is that you learn everything you can, that is available for free, BEFORE you buy anything !!

  20. vmclaurin

    vmclaurin New Member


    I purchased the program several days ago. There is a lot more technical knowledge required than the sales hype would lead you to believe. The customer service is deplorable. There is no human contact, only generic e-mails that promise that someone will get back with you and then never do. The only responses I ever got were generic e-mails that in no way addressed my specific concerns. I purchased, for an extra $27, the Prosperity Finder software and found that in order to access it I needed to pay $14. I have repeated asked for a refund and have still not gotten any response except the generic e-mail promising that I would get a response within 24 hours. I have gone to my credit card company to enter a dispute. I'm tired of dealing with this. Vicky

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