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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Dorean Clarke, May 8, 2016.

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    Hi, guys! My husband has recently promoted and he will be moving to their head quarters in San Diego. Sad part is I will miss my friends and relatives here but good thing, I think it is a great opportunity for our family. My husband told me he wants me to be engaged in a small business and my in-laws could possibly help me coz they are also living in US. My question is, can you suggest a small business to put up in San Diego? Our humble capital is only around is only around 50K USD and my in-laws are suggesting to look for a financing firm that could allow us to borrow another 30-50K. Do you have a company in mind that offers low interest? And also, my interests are food, groceries, car accessories, clothing and shoes. Please feel free to suggest a good business to put up. Thanks!
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    This is totally the wrong forum to ask this question. Nearly most if not all of us have some sort of work from home business and/or make money in other ways from home.

    You'll want to find small business forums to get more appropriate answers.

    I will say that in general, you do want to do careful research on your own, and not just rely on people's opinions on a forum. This means you research your target audience, the total costs to start and maintain the business. You also want to include the costs of advertising - and know how you plan to advertise. Do you plan to hire employees? Factor in that cost as well.

    When you get all your research together, you will likely find that the costs are quite a bit more higher than you realized -and they're ongoing.

    I hope this helps Dorean!
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    Thanks for your input, Crisstar. I was actually thinking about putting up a baking/catering business (cakes, pastries, bread, etc.) and start at home so I thought a few of you here have first hand experiences you can share. I'm planning to hire at least 5-7 people to help with cooking and delivery and what I think would make up the majority of the expenses are the equipment and tools needed for the business. I agree that proper research should be done before going all out and our research includes finding the an agency that could approve us for a loan. A close friend suggested we check with a credit union since they have lower rates than most banks and lending agencies. When I looked online, I found SDCCU and Calcoast and the latter has a very competitive personal loan rates. I hope someone here could suggest other CUs or lending agencies aside from banks.

    I will also try small business forums to see if I can get help, as well. Thanks again!

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