so many scams out there..

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    There are opportunities to earn some good money online.. I have tried everything, surveys, focus groups, automatic websites. there is a lot of crap out there, and if anyone offers a magic package that promises you little work and lots of $$, be sure it's a scam. I have tried various packages out there, and most did not do any good. I am now getting into automatic webpages, marketing and adsense.. starting finally to make some money, but you really have to work hard on it to make these things work. Get people to come to your site, find you, stay, click on links, you get my picture.

    There is nothing like a free lunch and if it seems to good to be true.. than it is!
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    Quoting: jallaappleThere is nothing like a free lunch and if it seems to good to be true.. than it is!

    Very true, you either spend your time or money
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    I think that is the hardest lesson to learn for beginners who are trying to make money online. There is no get rich quick. Once you have that firmly entrenched in your mind, and believe it in your heart, you are then a lot more able to actually build an online business.

    You will be more able to pick out the scams and legitimate business opportunities without wasting your time, effort, and money. I have to admit though. It is worse for us optimists. [​IMG] We like to believe the hype. Every now and then I still find myself checking out one of those promising sounding scams/schemes. And I DO know better. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes of further research to burst any little bubbles that may begin to form.

    I'll stick to being a tortoise and plod along, steady, steady. I hope you will, too.
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    Quoting: jallaappleThere is nothing like a free lunch and if it seems to good to be true.. than it is

    I don't agree with this line of thinking. I do believe there is such thing as a free lunch and if it seems to good to be true, it can be. I would have agreed many years ago with this statement but not anymore, since computers have given us more connection with the world, income is limitless. You want a free lunch, do a secret shopper for olive garden or jack in the box, ha, its real. You want something to good to be true, buy your own affiliate website, its easy and with ads, seo, and traffic to make money from little work. There are a lot of programs that were just utter waste of my time, and others proclaimed big moneymakers, guess what, i make enough money with some to say, I have an open mind now. I used to think that the programs that you invest $400+ was a scam but now, not so much.

    If I ever invest that money in a program it will be from money earned from one of my streams, never out of my pocket or bank. Do your research before jumping in, but I now try more expensive programs, never thought that would happen. The ball-game is totally different for me now, I guess that can be good and bad.
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    Hi Guys!

    It's a good thing that there are forums like this where we can all share what worked for us and didn't.

    This is also a good research platform for all beginners who want to venture in online marketing.

    So having said that, thanks to the guys behind this forum and more power to you!

    MABUHAY! [​IMG] (Filipino term for wishing someone well)

    Work Hard, Play Hard! [​IMG]
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    Salamat po

    good luck
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    You hit the nail on the head. A lot of people have lost money because they were looking for ways to make a quick buck. "Quick and easy" sells, but it isn't reality.

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