So sick of APO's

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by nicenitac, May 3, 2009.

  1. nicenitac

    nicenitac New Member

    I am so sick of APO's and DR I can barely work this job anymore. With the H2O mop i had to go through 5 upsells and then 3 stupid APOs. I think that is a tad excessive. You would have to have the patience of Job to even place and order. If I did not need the money I would quit. I wish they would put me on another skill. I hate sales, hate it and hate it!!!
  2. kwill33710

    kwill33710 New Member

    What are APO's and do you have a choice between sales and customers service where you don't have to do the upsales? I just applied to West and am curious. Thanks!
  3. bratjeannie

    bratjeannie New Member

    I feel the same. I have worked less than a month andI was a 1 ranking, with 3 customer compliments and was on the hall of fame. I got my first feedback and because I didn't finish an upsell script when the customer said "no, no, no. I dont' want that", I got banged for it. And when a customer interupted with the Walmart giftcard, and said "I signed up for that before and it was a nightmare! I had to change my bank account just to get them to stop charging me" and I stopped reading and entered a "N", I got ripped. Yikes. I love working from home and like West, but desperate for something besides DR.
  4. anasan1216

    anasan1216 New Member

    I don't know what to do either. I DESPISE bilingual DR. The people are super rude and they yell at me when I talk about APOs and this is only my first week of taking calls!!! I hung up on someone by accident so I am sure I will be in trouble for that. The only one I actually like is those art tests calls. Does anyone know how I can get a different skill?
  5. CharHypes

    CharHypes New Member

    I just got hired today, waiting for my Welcome Email, I am assigned to DR. What is APOs? I thought Upsells and APOs were one in the same. How long is the process of getting a "Welcome Email". it's Friday will I get in on a Sunday? How long is training...just all sorts of excited to get starte with WAH.
  6. lakewoodgirl

    lakewoodgirl New Member

    charhypes, did you have a choice between different skills or was DR the only one?

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