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    In a simpler setting, online bookmarking is just a web based service that allows you to save visited site you like online instead that on your PC by your browser. Social networking is a broader concept usually included by the major social bookmarking services.

    Social media marketing involves many hours of interaction with members of the communities you're associated with. The ultimate goal of this networking activity would be traffic to your website and finally, sales conversion. It takes time, patience and effort, but it can be done.

    Many marketers have found success with this method. Two important requirements to succeed is that you must contribute and post thoughtful comments on highly visited social media and networking sites with as many members as you can within your selected communities, and you must not give the impression that you are selling something.

    As a search engine optimization method (SEO), I have found that social bookmarking is a very fast way to get new sites and new pages indexed by the search engines, and it has good potential to be an effective method of SEO when it comes to building incoming links to a website.

    The amount of traffic generated will depend on the level of interest the given title of said resource gets, and if it is shown or listed on the category you've chosen to be included, or on the front page of the social bookmarking / networking site.

    It could be another way to effectively have easy access to your favorites sites from any computer with an Internet connection. But do not expect miracles when it comes to traffic and high PR back links. Usually the traffic generated from these networks is non targeted or bad quality traffic.
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    Can you tell us which social bookmarking and social networking sites you have had the best results with?
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    Sure! At the top position in terms of referred visitors is then, believe or not, with lot less significant amount of visitors but in second place is, and at the bottom.
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    Hello Javier and folks, thanks for starting this thread. Am also experimenting with hubpages and facebook right now. Will let you folks know how it goes.
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    I think I'ts important to submit good, interesting pages along with whatever you are promoting. Sales landng pages are kind of a no no. To keep from getting a lot of thumbs downs make sure that some of the content you submit is interesting and fun to you. It will then also be fun and interesting to many other people on the social sites, you will make more friends, get more positive votes and in the end your offers will get seen more!
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    Hey chief. I've never heard of, but since you say it is good, I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!
  7. Chief

    Chief New Member is a social network from Italy. My traffic from them is minimal, but it is still traffic worth to give it a try.

    Also make sure you follow the good recommendation of Marketec above whenever possible when submitting new content.

    For a complete list of social networks, you might want to visit: and The list available at the later site is not as current as the former one but you can find sites that are not included on list.
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    Chief: is a social network from Italy. My traffic from them is minimal, but it is still traffic worth to give it a try.
    So are you saying that you are able to promote USA based / English affiliate programs and products to italians?
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    These networks usually cater a worldwide audience. Many English speaking users are visiting and promoting there. Yes, you can too.
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    This is a great thread. I had little success with SB techniques at first because I had a "post and run" attitude. I have learned that you have to be a part of the community to get the most benefit from social bookmarking.
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