Social networking sites -- digg, technorati, etc.?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by happygal, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. happygal

    happygal Member

    Who out there is using these kinds of sites effectively. Any ideas or tips?
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    These websites are good for getting traffic, but the traffic does not always convert.
  3. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hi Happygal,

    They are great for building back links, which if done over time can help your ranking.
    I use Social Poster, the free version.
    Only do 4-5 at a time or you will seem spammy.

    First you will need to create a simple user name and password for each service.

    I used the same info for every one..which will help if I ever need to log in to every one of them again.

    You can also use Only Wire.

    I hope this helps, Victoria
  4. Loomis

    Loomis New Member

    I use
  5. gaylord_focker

    gaylord_focker New Member

    I use all of them(well most of the major ones), in fact I started a social bookmark exchange which has worked out pretty well so far [​IMG]
  6. happygal

    happygal Member

    Loomis, what about socialmarker do you like? I am not familiar with it, so I'd love to know more.
  7. MoneyHawk

    MoneyHawk New Member

    Use Attraction Marketing techniques when using these tools.

    Social networks are great because you can fill in as much detail into them as you want to.

    Let people get to know the kind of person you are, build a relationship with others on those networks.

    In response to pcwork's post, not everyone will convert. Which is sometimes a good thing!

    The reason you may not convert traffic is because you probably don't have enough good CONTENT on that profile. Or are not building relationships. Or both.

    Or just simply because people are not interested at the moment.

    Keep networking and keep building relationships and you will see conversion over time.
  8. Loomis

    Loomis New Member

    Its easy and quick to use, and I believe the fastest way to get your articles out there to many sites about you website, and creating back links. Highly suggest it
  9. profitgenie

    profitgenie New Member


    I have tried Social networking at squidoo and I have say i posted a terrible lense, can anyone suggest another social site and some tips on how to get the most out of it.

    To Ntc i am fairly new to online marketing and could you explain a little bit about back links, i understand what links are to your website but not back links or are they the same thing.

  10. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Try onlywire or social

    It is a good way to get visitors and backlink for your website/blog.
  11. Phil Stones

    Phil Stones New Member

    pcwork: These websites are good for getting traffic, but the traffic does not always convert.
    Yes I agree - that is the problem - turning the ideas into hard cash!

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