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    PORTIZ New Member

    Hi there, I posted in this forum a long time ago asking for advice, and am scared to post again but I must. I did follow a lot of advice, but I have not made a penny, could be my fault but, I am a single mom to a 6 year old, am 5 months pregnant was laid off my full time job. I received my last pay yesterday from my severance, and when Unemployment kicks in for September all I will get is 396.00, which is not close to what my bills cost, I am alone, single income....have been trying for months now to generate something online, have been applying for real jobs too but no one wants to hire you being 5 months pregnant, don't blame them. I don't even qualify for social assistance. I am now desperate to make some money I don't know what will become of us if I don't make any money soon. I am more than willing to work any number of hours to make something to pay my bills. Any advice at all would be welcome, obviously I have very little money to invest...thank you for listening blessings!!
    Anne [​IMG]
  2. kencraw

    kencraw New Member

    With no money to invest you may want to look at writing articles for places like Demand Studios or eHow. DS pays on a weekly basis but it seems that they are getting a little picky on the hiring process. Just fill out their online application and submit a writing sample. Ehow pays per page views on the following month. It is not a lot, but something is better than nothing.

    You can check for other content mill venues as well. Its writing and if it is not your thing it can be a pain. However, the flip side is that you can generate some cash flow into your budget.
  3. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    Well the first thing you need to do.

    PORTIZ: no one wants to hire you being 5 months pregnant, don't blame them.
    Stop using that as an excuse.

    I know that sounds mean and I am sorry. But it is your wake up =].



    If you need fast income the internet is most likely not where you will find that.

    It is possible...

    Very possible.

    So if it is something that you deeply desire.. Go for it.

    However, the fact that you are coming here and asking for help leads me to believe you are open to anything and have no WHY other than immediate income is needed.

    I think you need to take a few steps back and ask yourself these questions.

    Would I hire myself?
    Why would I hire myself?
    What can I offer to _______ to make them more profitable?
    Why could a company benefit from having me?

    In this economy it is tough to get a job. Being 5 months pregnant is definitely not what you want to sell yourself on either.

    If I am an employer and you come to me and say, "Look, I can make you more money and this is how."

    I'm going to listen... Heck you could be giving birth and I'd wait outside to hear what you have to say.

    How can you benefit them?
    What makes them need you?

    Employers have no responsibility to hire someone that needs a job. They are looking out for themselves.

    How can you help them.

    Good Luck,


    PORTIZ New Member

    Thanks for the reply kencraw....

    Matt it's not an excuse it's a fact, you may be an employer but honestly I've been signedup with several employment agencies, several temp agencies and all have said to me sadly no one will hire me due to me being pregnant. I was willing to work without being eligible for benefits, I am in corporate travel and have an excellent resume and extensive experience, I am great at what I do in corporate travel, but no one will hire me, not sure where you are but I am in Canada and it's not that easy here. Thanks for the wishes tho and thank you for the reply.
  5. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    PORTIZ: Matt it's not an excuse it's a fact
    Good luck...


    PORTIZ New Member

    I do appreciate it Matt...thanks [​IMG] positive words are always encouraging.....take care
  7. countrygirl

    countrygirl New Member

    Hi PORTIZ. Being a woman, I really feel for you and your situation. Even though there is money to be made in affiliate marketing, it takes time to build up. I haven't found anything on the internet that is fast cash. You could do affiliate marketing to help out, but im afraid for now you are going to have to find something outside the home in order to pay your bills. Even if its temporary, a job like cleaning houses, babysitting, or waitressing might pay your bills until something better comes along. Stay positive and motivated, because something better WILL come along...just don't know when! Good luck to you![​IMG]

    PORTIZ New Member

    Thank you countrygirl for the reply, but Dr. ordered I not work outside the home, I am a high risk pregnancy have to stay off my feet, so I have a very difficult situation on my hands. I appreciate the reply.
  9. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hey Anne - I just sent you a reply to the pm you had sent me but I will see if I can post it here for the sake of others in your situation....[​IMG]

    So sorry to hear about your misfortune... have you ever sold stuff on Ebay??

    I have done that more than once when I needed money, like NOW!

    As far as online things.... there are so many things out there but as far as I know, they all take time to get to where you start making even several hundred a month.

    I sell log furniture on Ebay for a local furniture shop and that is where I make the bulk of my online income - plus I sell old records as well on Ebay and amazon.... with Amazon, they will let you list stuff for free - and a lot of folks make money that way as well.

    With Ebay it costs to list....

    The other stuff I do is affiliate marketing - making commissions off ebooks and various products like that but my best advice to you is see if you can find SOMETHING to sell on Amazon or Ebay.

    I have sold anything from toys and games to books and clothes - shoes and gosh - ANYTHING...[​IMG]

    Once you get the hang of it as far as selling - yard sales are an awesome place to find things to sell....[​IMG]

    Hope that helps!
  10. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    Have you got anything in your house you are willing to part with, especially if it's electronic. For example, an ipod, an mp3 player? Those sell well on eBay.

    eBay nor Craigslist has ever failed me when I needed money quick. It might not be much, but if you look into Craigslit for your local area, you might be able to tutor, or you can offer to baby sit for other people.

    That might be able to help you out. You can always do Pay to click sites like NeoBux. I hear people have been making a decent $80 to $200. It's not a lot but it's something. FREE to join.

    Deal Barbie is another one that people make money from. Cash crate is a good one, too.

    But Neo Bux has very, very little effort, I understand.

    Starting Sep 22, you can start getting paid to watch you tube videos.
  11. TyBrown

    TyBrown New Member

    You didn't mention what you've been doing? Perhaps you're on the verge of making money but you're jumping around from one thing to another instead of focusing?
  12. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi PORTIZ,

    Sorry about your troubles.

    However, you need to be specific. What are you stuck on?

    Only thing I can see from the information you've provided is that you have financial troubles.

    What are you looking for? What do you want? What have you tried?

    ~Newbie Shield~
  13. Earthgirl

    Earthgirl New Member

    I found this fourm while researching shop to earn. I joined SFI last year, there is no cost to join, for real. They have recently simplified the start up process with a point system that is laid out on a checklist. I am now pursuing it seriously after getting laid off. I see the potential in the company. I chose SFI after looking the co. up on the BBB and researching the background of Gery Carson who started it. If you have time, I would definitely check into it. Let me know if you have any questions. Good Luck-stay focused and keep your head up.
  14. countrygirl

    countrygirl New Member

    Hi PORTIZ. I've got another
    On this site you enter your skills and search the many jobs that are available for you to do on your computer at home. They pay every week. This might be an option for you. Good luck!![​IMG]
  15. joyschatting

    joyschatting New Member

    Hi Portiz,

    I have an idea for you! I was doing some keyword research a few weeks ago and it turns out their is a huge market for women wanting to know what to expect out of each week of pregnancy.

    You are an expert! You can write a blog and recommend products that you like and use.

    If you are interested let me know and I'll give you the keywords along with the other research I found on the topic.

    All the best,
  16. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    joyschatting: Hi Portiz,

    I have an idea for you! I was doing some keyword research a few weeks ago and it turns out their is a huge market for women wanting to know what to expect out of each week of pregnancy.

    You are an expert! You can write a blog and recommend products that you like and use.

    If you are interested let me know and I'll give you the keywords along with the other research I found on the topic.

    All the best,
    Hi Joy: That was extra kind of you :)

    Hopefully, PORTIZ will see your reply.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  17. krazyladyplz

    krazyladyplz New Member

    I've seen some very good advice here, some even I might try.
    What concerns me Portiz is why you are not eligible for social assistance, you have the three best criteria unemployed, pregnant, with a dependent chi. Food stamps will help with the grocery bill. Try again.

    Since you are 5 months pregnant you should definitely go to your local health department and sign up for WIC (Women Infants and Children) Program. They can provide you vouchers for certain food like milk, cheese, cereal, foods to help you have a healthy baby, this will cut down on the food bill as well.

    If you have creditors, contact them and explain, some will work with you, unfortunately, some won't depending on what you owe them. But it's a start.
  18. PORTIZ

    PORTIZ New Member

    Hi all, I have been off line for a bit, have not been feeling well.

    mountainmom - thanks for your advice, I will message you [​IMG], I'm trying the ebay route wish me luck.

    gowriter - not sure I trust craigslist in my area, I am in a big city and it has a bad rep...I am on ebay as mentioned above as of today and I will check out neo bux, and you tube on Sep 22, dealbarbie does not apply for Canadian's but thank you.

    tybrown - what I have been trying to do is find a job in my field, one I wake up to and go to work, but when employers see me pregnant they will not hire me. As for the internet and my site, it is all new to me, I've tried a couple of things, followed all the proper instructions and I have not made anything.

    newbieshield - well I've tried for a real job out in the real world, but as you can see no one is willing to take a chance on a pregnant woman....from my site you can see the programs I've tried and I have started affiliate marketing, but nothing is working yet, thank you for your kind words also [​IMG].

    earthgirl and countrygirl - thank you both I will have a look at both those suggestions.

    joyschatting - wow that is an awesome idea, I do blog now but not about pregnancy, if you can message me I would greatly appreciate it, sorry for the late response my email is akho at akhoservices dot net, hope to hear from you soon, that is very, very kind of you.

    krazyladyplz - hi and thank you for the post, well I am in Canada we don't have food stamps there is a food bank if needed but for dry goods mainly, nothing fresh/dairy from what I have been told. I do not qualify for assistance because I live in a house, I don't live in or near low income housing and I've called twice, I would have to either lose all I have now and be forced out then I may call them but nothing more. Thanks for your advice much appreciated.

    christo1273 - thank you for the kind words, yes that site is something I've tried online, but has made me nothing, I've followed instructions to a T and still have not seen a penny.
  19. lanitap

    lanitap New Member

    I am so sorry for the situation you are in but one system that seem to really help a lot of people start their online business is My Online Income System.
  20. PORTIZ

    PORTIZ New Member

    Thank you lanitap, may I ask has anyone here had any experience, positive or negative with My Online Income System...I see it's not horribly expensive to join, but if I do decide to venture into something I can only afford to spend money once so I want to make it count, if that sounds ok and fair. Thank you all again...Anne

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