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  1. KThiruselvam

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    Hi! I have tried flyers; tele call appts with strangers; messages to look at my fb page; door to door letter box drops and even booths ..... but getting people to attend and to listen is tough. Mail and box drops are proving negative. Any ideas, suggestions that I could apply..... tring to get both sexes above 21. Am actively promoting in facebook # wonderfulwednesdaywomen Your ideas will help. K Thiruselvam
  2. Muzzamil

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    It is better to market through internet rather than doing offline marketing which rarely works and the response rate will be really low. This is because people spend most of their time online and think of regular mail(flyers) as some kind of spam. Facebook marketing works really well and you should keep doing it while tweaking your ads at the same time. If you keep doing it, you will see results and you will get a lot of exposure.
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  3. gordy05

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    Do what duplicates not what works!

    What you have tried (even if it worked) it is not DUPLICATABLE.

    You need to focus on one strategy online (like facebook strategy or twitter strategy) and master it. You can start by educating yourself how to use these by investing in a course to learn how to approach people without spamming them.

    Key element... consistency!

    Hope it helps!
  4. KThiruselvam

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    Thank You Muzzamil. Sorry, for this late reply. I use facebook ThiruKThiruK and pages several more pages within plus twitter plus blogging plus craiglist and more attempting to draw traffic, interest, calls, enquiries and "drop bys" for talks and events. What do you mean by "tweaking your ads"? Thank you for your advise. Best wishes.

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