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  1. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Anyone heard of the StairStep System? I've worked with multiple opportunities online (been working online for 2-3 years now), and this is the best one I've found. The price is right. Only $5 a month.'re not talking about having to find hundreds or thousands of people who will buy your product. Rather, the goal is to work as one big team...really, a conglomerate of smaller teams. Thus, the main goal is to to find 3 other people who want to start a business online for just $5 a month. And then, as a team, you work with your sponsor (who is also assisting you in finding your 3 people) to help your 3 people find 3, as well. And that's the goal. :-D It's not hard to find people who can afford $5 a month and want to build an online business. Thus, before you know it, you can be making an awful lot more from it. Pretty exciting, really.

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  2. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    With a second glance here, I hope this does not sound was not intended to. I'm just SUPER excited about this program. [​IMG] Let me know if I can help at all!!! :-D
  3. sorian

    sorian New Member

    well first off your link in your sig does not work, and second the line "turn $5 into $50,00 in two months" just screams SCAM!
  4. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Hmmm...I just tested the link, and it worked fine for me. Could you tell me what happened that it didn't work for you so I can look into it?

    As for the company being legitimate, it is a conglomerate of 4 MLM businesses that have been around for at least 5-7 years each. Thus, the businesses are totally good to go. [​IMG] It is the teamwork and the new splash page that we are promoting that I fully anticipate bringing great success to everyone in the team. Please note that, in order to make the $50k in 2 months, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication on the whole part of the team. Otherwise, it would usually be a very steady growth. It's just that we are launching some pretty crazy promoting for the business now, and that--I believe--will bring the success I speak of in my signature line. [​IMG] Hope that clears that up. [​IMG]
  5. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Darn. Don't use the link in the first one that was edited by the Admin. I must have pasted a link or something (I honestly don't remember doing that). Just check the link in my sig. Main reason is because my sig has the splash page that we are promoting...without that splash page, I do not believe the same results will be reached with the program. [​IMG]

    To the Admin, sorry for posting a link! Didn't even realize I did. Must have been tired today. Thanks for keeping on top of things! :-D
  6. sorian

    sorian New Member

    hmm well now the link works, maybe your host had a momentary problem when i first tried.

    Hmm what you say and the hype the splash page puts out are 2 different things, you say it will take "a lot of hard work and dedication" and the splash page says "WORK FOR ONLY 1 HOUR A DAY!"

    so which one is it?
  7. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Quoting: wealthymarketTo the Admin, sorry for posting a link! Didn't even realize I did. Must have been tired today. Thanks for keeping on top of things! :-D

    You hadn't posted a link. I added it according to the terms of posting reviews.
  8. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Ah, I see. Sorry about having missed the link. Could you make it the [Link removed - Admin] link, though, so that the splash page is what is shown? If not, no worries. And thanks for correcting me on that one.

    Sorian, yes, it's possible my host may have been acting up. Thanks for making me aware. I'll keep an eye on it. [​IMG]

    As for the splash page (the video), says "make hundreds or thousands a month with just a few hours of work a week". To make the $50,000 a month, it will take hard work from the team. Now, note that I say it's from the team, not necessarily just one person. A 100 member team putting in just 5 hours a week of promoting...well...500 hours is a lot of promoting. [​IMG] That's what I meant by that. Sorry that I was confusing there. It was not intended. Hope that clears it up. [​IMG]

    PS And, frankly, those of us near the top are going to be putting in a lot more hours for the people underneath us. Our advertising benefits everyone below us, as well, so it doesn't require all of those hours from the people below us. [​IMG] We have found our success online, and now--I believe--we have found a great way to help make many others successful, too. [​IMG] Hope that helps! :-D
  9. sorian

    sorian New Member

    I see, well i dislike hype personaly, like $5 to $50,00 in 2 months, has anyone realy gotten to 50k in that amount of time? honestly i think you have a better shot at winning the lotto then getting enough of a downline for that in 2 months.

    With that said imo it appears to be legit, its a feeder program, i see more and more of these showing up, though the concept is still pretty new, i know of about 4 so far. and they can work for many ppl. i am seriously thinking about joining but i think i may be spreading myself a little thin already with trying to advertise the programs i am already in (trying and failing horribly heh) but will give it some thought.
  10. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    lol Yes, I understand totally. To be honest, I'm not sure that I'm giving it that much hype. [​IMG] You haven't met our top team We have some very strong marketers up top, and that benefits everyone. :-D That's why I believe it is possible. [​IMG] I only recently changed the wording on the splash page. Before it said "Earn thousands from just $5 a month!" However, when we got some of the strong marketers onboard, I realized that we could be talking about much much more. [​IMG] Thus, my reasoning. [​IMG] Hope that helps explain that. Thanks again for the input. [​IMG]
  11. sorian

    sorian New Member

    I see, well that is definitely increasing my interest. but sadly i am not such a good marketer. seems no matter what i try i get very few, or no referrals for any of my programs [​IMG] i dont want to be dead wieght to a team, i am not agenst trying hard but it never seems to work for me
  12. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    To be honest, we're not recruiting just experienced marketers. [​IMG] We've got some professionals, so it's ok to have some that want to learn. [​IMG] And, like I said, it only costs $5 a month. Makes is MUCH easier to find interested people than the expensive programs out there. [​IMG] Our professionals begin promoting not even a full two days ago, and we now have 17 people onboard...and, I have been told that our major professionals are taking a break to make sure their current people get set up, and then they're going to get moving again. [​IMG] Frankly, if you can afford $5 a month and are up for learning a few things, come onboard. [​IMG] We'll all work with you to help you market. Oh, and I really think our new splash page is VERY helpful...and I put together and host a splash page like the one you saw for each person that comes into the team under us. Makes a big difference, too, I believe. :-D Regardless, please don't let your feeling like a not so great marketer keep you from this. We'll all work as a team to make it strong. [​IMG] Let me know either way. I'll be available. :-D
  13. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    This program is very similar to OneStepForIncome that I am working on (Income4Free).

    You start building your team and referrals first. Then you move to the first business with minimal investment. Since you already have your team, those people will ideally follow you to the business and go on and on and to the next business and your level of earning increases.

    The key is everybody has a good chance of succeeding with the same game plan and not likely will get broke in the process since you profit or likely to profit first before paying with your own money.

    Very smart idea.
  14. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Exactly. Very affordable to build and start the business and then the commissions take care of the fees for future businesses and the same people follow you through each program. A great system indeed. :-D
  15. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Based on the questions it caused, I'm going to alter what my sig line says. Rather than saying you can make that much in 2 months, I'll alter it to 2-4 months. [​IMG] Seems like that will, perhaps, be better received. Thanks for your advice there, Sorian! :-D I would hate for people to miss out on this excellent program because some of the wording seemed a bit confusing. [​IMG]
  16. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    WOW! Unbelievable! We only started advertising a little bit this past week...and we got 30 referrals in 4 days! :-D lol (plus I am aware of at least 6 people who are still looking at the program and will be contacting me back this coming week! :-D). This one is gonna be big! Very exciting. [​IMG]

    And, I also want to pass on an idea that sorian actually mentioned to me earlier. It's VERY easy to come up with $5 in pay-per-clicks...SO...if you're hesitating in joining because you don't want to spend $5 out of pocket, then do some pay-per-clicks and use the $5 from there. [​IMG] Won't take long to make some major profit out of it. VERY exciting. [​IMG]
  17. sorian

    sorian New Member

    I signed up ^_^ will give it a shot after all its only $5 a month.

    The new sig does indeed sound better to me wealthymarket [​IMG]

    TY for the credit for both my ideas you talked about, not that credit matters to me about such things but hey its just cool thanks man.

    Yahh as wealthymarket said if your on the fence about this system you can easily fund it with a PTC (paid to click) program. its not hard to make $5 from a ptc program to fund stairstep system and it only takes a few mins a day. done this way the stairstep has NO out of pocket costs, this is how i am doing it.

    From my experience Dailyclicks is the best PTC out there, and yes i have been paid from them so i know its legit. they have more ads daily then any other PTC i have used, so thats just my recommendation if you decide to use this method like i did. link is in my sig (yes its a ref link, dailyclicks has a nice referral system)
  18. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Yeah, Man. [​IMG] Thanks for the feedback about the sig, and thanks for the idea about the ptc's. It's a great way to continue to grow the business and to help everybody. :-D

    And I TOTALLY agree...DailyClicks is awesome! I just joined recently (like a week ago...or I would have used your link, sorian [​IMG]). Program looks great and has a ton or ads daily! [​IMG]

    It was brought to my attention that some of the programs inside the StairStep System have very simple graphics, etc. And I can understand where that would throw some people off. BUT...keep in mind, that's why we built the splash page and everything that we did. In my opinion, the site doesn't have to look flashy so long as it works and it pays! :-D And I can tell you that these companies pay! :-D They have been around from between 5 and 7 years (and all of that is able to be checked online in other forums, etc [​IMG]). While they are promoted separately by some out there, going through the StairStep makes it MUCH more affordable (especially using sorian's method! :-D) AND TONS easier because you don't have to build 4 downlines...just one! [​IMG] It's just heating up...can't wait to see where we are at the end of next week!!! [​IMG] We're about to get into some press releases and ezines this week...can't wait to see what THAT does for our progress! [​IMG]
  19. Unity

    Unity New Member

    When I choose to go into business with a company one of my first desires is to have product that I can be proud to be involved with.

    I'm afraid I was put off straight away by this statement:

    "Keep in mind that these companies were chosen for their payment plans and not for the products they sell"

    So it is saying that no care is to be taken about the rubbish being foisted off onto customers. In fact it only looks as though they are interested in getting people to join the scheme and this shouts SCAM to me.

    I should be happy to be proved wrong but meanwhile I am keeping my money in my pocket.

    Regards, Unity
  20. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Hi, Unity! [​IMG]
    Thanks for the opinion, but I see you did not look into the actual companies involved in the StairStep System. As noted just above the place you quoted, there are indeed products. They are all electronic or virtual products.

    Legally, a program has to sell a product worth the value paid for it. The first company grants electronic information to different plants and flowers every month (and it has been in business for 7 years now [​IMG]). That is certainly a value of $5 a month, with no question or concern there.

    The second company ($10 a month...but this expense is not out-of-pocket...that is taken care of with commissions) gives new cooking recipes every month. Again, worth $10 a month, so it's totally legal, and it has been around for 5 years. You may have missed this part (a quote from the website):

    "We use companies that have:
    1. Excellent Pay Plans
    2. International
    3. A proven record of on-time commission payments.
    4. Forced matrix or ability to move personally sponsored.
    5. Easy qualifications for full matrix payments."

    In order to be a legitimate, proven company, you have to have a real product. Each of the 4 companies have products that are worth the value the companies charge for them. And the company that has been around for the shortest amount of time has been around for 5 years. So, out of the 4 companies, they have each been around for 5-7 years...that's a very proven track record! [​IMG] Hope that helps dispel some of the concerns you had. Thanks for bringing that up! It was an important point to be addressed. [​IMG]

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