Start Closing Your Leads with Ease- 5 MUSTS for Presentations

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    Do you want to close more sales? Follow these 5 tips in your sales presentation and start closing your leads today.

    1. Present a problem: e.g. 10% unemployment, 51% of adults are unhappy in their current career, 71% of young adults are unhappy in their current career.

    2. Solve the Problem: e.g. Network marketing provides a business model and product line (which you do not have to stock) that can build residual income with no limitations placed on your success. The Internet has changed the way you can profit in this business.

    3. Address Your Competition: No need to mention competitors names unless you are certain they are familar with them. You don't want your lead to go exploring. You do want to address why your opportunity is the best option. e.g. Timing, Product lines, Financial Stability of the company, Brand and Potential Market Shares are all important points to address.

    4. Price: Yes, you should bring this up. It is best to break it down in a daily dollar amount. e.g. You can personally meet your monthly quota/auto ship that entitles you to receive commissions on your team's volume by purchasing Custom Essentials for just $2 ea per day for you and a loved one. Be a product of the product! I can show you a quality comparison so you can see how it compares to other multi-vitamins that you may be currently buying.

    5. Call to Action: You have to ask for immediate action. e.g. You may want to stress the importance of building your team in a pre-launch prior to a media blitz or national launch convention.

    To your success!

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