Starting a MLM - What payment processor to use?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by frestevo, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. frestevo

    frestevo New Member

    With several friends we are in the process of starting a one of a kind of MLM.

    It will be a 3 level-unilevel, probably the monthly membership cost will be just $7, from which $5 per month will go back to members.
    The membership should be international.

    We are in the dilemma of selecting a payment processor.
    Of course PayPal cannot be used, because they do not allow MLM-s.

    What do you guys suggest to go with?
    Since as planned membership payment will be $7 per month, should be a processor which takes out not too big % for fees from such small amounts.

    What do you think about using Bitcoin?
    None of us have experience with... but some suggested that would be a good way to go...
    It is difficult to get converted into bitcoin $ and some main currencies?
    We heard that even through PayPal you can buy Bitcoin, so like anyone having a PayPal account, and then a Bitcoin wallet, from his PayPal can transfer $ which will show up there in bitcoins and

    2 more details:
    - We'd like for the beginning most members to be from the US and Canada.
    - We don't think we'll have ever more than about 40,000 members.

    Thanks for your input in advance.
  2. Joel Burrell

    Joel Burrell New Member

    No idea, but curious to what you find out and let me know when you go into prelaunch, I'd like to check it out.
  3. Muzzamil

    Muzzamil Member

    You might want to try eWallet. I have personally used eWalllet and it is very easy to use and you can very easily transfer funds to your bank account. Good Luck!

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