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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by cshakesby, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    Ok, so i hear all these great things on affiliate marketing and click bank. I just want to be clear on how to start it.

    Ive registered my click bank account. Now should i start building a webpage that i basically write blogs about certain ebooks i have purchased and if it is worth it or not, something like that? or do i make a website that just describes 1 certain topic, for example a website about forex, and the possible learning tools that are available.

    And then once i build the website i just have to start marketing and promoting it online correct?

    Just want to make sure im heading the right direction, any input would be great appreciated.

    Thank you!!!!!!
  2. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    The 30 Day Challenge is a great place to start and it's FREE. You will have an awesome teacher named Ed Dale a well respected IMer. It will give you the basics of affiliate marketing and some other great tips and ideas as well.
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    You got it cshakesby... [​IMG]

    As you go along - you will earn more and more about different ways to market your stuff. The best teacher is experience.

    Like if you are promoting forex, you can set up a blog or hubpage, Squidoo lens, anything like that and then write articles about forex and have it linking to your sites.

    fun stuff![​IMG]
  4. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello cshakesby,

    You need to do your market research first, and match your keyword phrases having a decent amount of searches and low competition with people who are looking for them.
    Everyone is looking to solve a problem or feel good.
    Actually, everything everyone wants to do is to make them feel good.
    Make sense?

    Have a great day!
  5. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    yea it kind of makes sense. So instead should i just try and sell products to people instead of something like an ebook. Like maybe ebay products?

    I know about the marketing thing, but i just want to know how i should start and get the website ready before i get going marketing wise
  6. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Cshakesby,

    Ebooks are fine provided you believe in each one that you suggest to your visitors. I'm not sure why you thought someone was telling you not to promote ebooks.

    If you feel that you already have the fundamentals of marketing down well, you might proceed to a free site as Mountain suggested such as Squidoo, Hub Pages, or a free blog site.

    That way you'll learn quite a bit from your experience without having to pay for hosting.

    Once you get several months of experience with free sites, consider paid hosting.

    At that point, as Mountain also suggested, you can link from your free sites to your paid site.

    You can create a blog that either reviews programs directly or you can make it a bit more of a general online marketing blog where you occasionally slip in affiliate links to your ebooks.

    You can also be very focused on a single topic as you mentioned such as Forex. Eventually you can do both but I would consider focusing on one site at a time.

    The good thing is that it's entirely up to you. One thing I would avoid is the online diary type of site where you randomly discuss whatever comes to your mind unless you just want to use that for practice. You would at least want some degree of focus before you attempt to monetize.

    Does that answer your questions?

    ~Newbie Shield~
  7. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    Newbie Shield,

    Thanks for the advice. That sounds great.

    I dont really have any questions yet, still trying to decided what i would like to do. I dont want to jump the gun and stat something pre-maturely.

    If i have any questions ill guys are all a great help!!!
  8. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    It is good to ask those who have the experience. It will help to reduce the mistakes made. [​IMG]
  9. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    well im starting to realize that it takes alot more work then one might think to start up an affiliate marketing site. Its like there are so many different things to choose, its hard to pick just one, and when i feel like i have one it feels like i dont know enough about it to make it into a website.

    I mentioned above things that i had ideas about, either choosing 1 topic like forex and giving info about it and what tools would be good to use.

    Would it be better to just focus on one thing like that? Im sorry if im repetative, i just dont want to completely mess up. I know alot of this is trial and error, but i want to limit as many errors as possible.

    My first idea was to just make a website about how to make money online. And then give suggestions on things like where to affiliate market, where they can get resell rights, stuff like that. But im starting to think thats too broad of a subject.

    Should i just make one website about forex to start, then once i have that all up and going and starting to see a bit of income should i then add other websites with different things? And then eventually link them all together to one homepage?

    im not looking to make alot of money at the beggining, i know it will take time. I just want to see a bit of income that will eventually explode as i gain more experience. Any more input on a way to start would be great. Its jsut that there are so many different things to do its starting to get over whelming as i research it all lol.

    Once again im sorry for all the repetition [​IMG]. Im a newby at this.

    I am minoring in marketing at college, so that will hopefully help a little.
  10. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi cshakesby,

    Let me ask you this. Are you really familiar with Forex? Is it something that you really enjoy or have found some measure of success with?

    If the answers to those questions are no, why not think about something that you ARE familiar with and that you DO enjoy and KNOW something about.

    You are very right in thinking that it will take time to learn and build up an income. You want to spend that time with a subject you can feel genuinely interested and excited about.

    You want those visitors who eventually come to your site to be able to hear your genuine interest in, enjoyment of, and knowledge of your subject matter. The more believable you are, the better you will be able to "presell" your visitors on whatever good quality product you recommend. Incidentally, be sure your product(s) IS good quality. [​IMG]

    1. Make money online is definitely too broad a niche - your gut feeling on that was correct.
    2. You haven't done it yet, so it will hard to lead someone where you haven't been yet yourself.

    Some people do tackle a variety of different topics at once, but it seems they tend to struggle with juggling them and staying focused. In fact, I've been doing this a couple of years now, and I struggle juggling 4 sites at once. [​IMG] Although, I am by no means a pro.

    What worked for me was choosing one niche topic that I knew and loved (chocolate candy) [​IMG] and building a whole site about it. It has over 300 pages all related in some way to different things to do with chocolate candy.

    Each page is focused on a particular keyword phrase that people type into the search engine regularly when looking for information about chocolate candy.

    Sure, it was a lot of work in the beginning, but if you learn to do it correctly, you will eventually have hundreds (even thousands) of visitors every day to your site (free, courtesy of Google and the other major search engines).

    You CAN eventually break out and start a second niche site on a completely different subject when you're ready, but it seems to me that most people do better when they focus on one theme and concentrate completely on it in the beginning.

    Choosing a subject/niche you know and love just makes the whole process that much easier, and that much more fun! [​IMG]

    Hope that helps you some.
  11. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    cshakesby: And then eventually link them all together to one homepage?

    Hi Shake,

    Angie answered your other questions well so I thought I'd address the above quote of yours.

    Generally speaking, you wouldn't link them all together unless they were relevant (closely related). Try to keep in mind that it's all about the visitor. Would it normally make sense to link a rock collecting site to a site that is all about politics?

    What kind of reaction would you get from your visitors if you did that and would they see any value or sense in that?

    ~Newbie Shield~
  12. time2livelife

    time2livelife New Member

    I'm really beginning to love the Internet Marketing!
    I've been doing IT for 10 years and yes ok you get a buzz when somethings fixed or you get systems talking to each other for the first time in a project.

    But I really am warming to the potential that IM holds for those folk that are interested and motivated (that would be me [​IMG]

    One thing I have really figured out quite quickly is there is a ton of rubbish out there that promises the earth for little or no work at all.

    Best of luck in your new ventures cshakesby, here's to all our successes [​IMG]
  13. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    Ok so instead of doing something like forex should i do something like poker or hockey? I play online poker daily and love it. And i just finished playing semi-pro hockey. If i do the online poker i have a few ideas of what i could put up there, but im afraid it will be very bland. And as for the hockey, i really dont know what i should put up there in order to make some sort of cash flow.
  14. time2livelife

    time2livelife New Member

    It will take time to decide what Niche you want to aim at and what strategies to use.
    Blogs are a good way to get your "thoughts" onto the web for all to see (I have a poker blog for example here (dont worry not an AL!)

    It's in the early stages but I have a ton of tips and tricks I can teach people on this great sport - but again creating content and finding the time to create that content takes, well, time.

    An important factor to remember is the niche (or niches) you aim for need to be something that a LOT of people need and want but at the same time you need the ability to monetize the niche.
    There is no point in creating a niche dunno, jellyfish spotting holidays (lol will need to google that). Ok it sounds like fun?? but can you make money out of it on the internet.doubtful.

    Just take your time, brainstorm and investigate what people are actually looking up on the web, and see if there is any way to monetize it.

    Best of luck!


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  15. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    cshakesby: Ok so instead of doing something like forex should i do something like poker or hockey? I play online poker daily and love it. And i just finished playing semi-pro hockey. If i do the online poker i have a few ideas of what i could put up there, but im afraid it will be very bland. And as for the hockey, i really dont know what i should put up there in order to make some sort of cash flow.

    Well, personally, I'd go for the hockey theme. You'd start by doing a bit of "keyword research" that will tell you what phrases related to hockey people are using to do searches.

    You may decide to narrow the niche and go with content about particular teams or youth hockey, or learning to play hockey, advanced techniques, etc.

    As I mentioned earlier, you'd then write a page for each of those phrases you found (particularly the ones with a more profitable supply/demand ratio).

    I can think of several ways to monetize a site like that. There's always Google Adsense as a starting point. But apart from that, you can join affiliate programs for hockey gear, equipment, DVD's, books, tickets, souvenirs, etc.

    Depending on what you know, and the angle you approach your niche, you could even possibly create your own ebooks or DVD's on how-to techniques, etc., if that interests you.

    In most cases, finding ways to monetize is the easy part. It's the building the website foundation that takes the time and effort and determination.

  16. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member


    Thanks for the input. I think i should most likely do something about hockey then. I guess its just going through my head weird on how i would do it. Its extremly hard to just write about hockey and how to play it, but if theres a will there is a way. I bet i can also just do a site on the rules of hockey and why certain things are called and when.
  17. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    happywife..i forgot to ask you your site on chocolate candy still running? if so could you send me the link to it so that i can check it out?
  18. JCapulet

    JCapulet New Member

    The first reply to this post was one of the most valuable for any newbie. Go through the 30 Day Challenge by Ed Dale (a brilliant marketer). It walks you through everything you need to know and is intended for complete newbies who are only familiar with checking email.

    If you decide to check it out just remember that 30 is spelled out. so it's thirtydaychallenge
  19. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    The problem is im still over whelmed. I have all these ideas in my head, but i dont know where to start. Obviously I want to start somewhere easy so that i can get more experience. I dont want to start with the tough stuff first and just fail and then want to give up. Theres just so many things i could do im lost. I mentioned in my post that i could do something about hockey, but i dont see how i can make any kind of money on it. Im personally a private instructor for hockey and its nearly impossible to teach someone how to play just by reading articles. The best way is by private lessons. Now i could very well be wrong, but its just hard to do something that I dont have faith will be successful. Theres no harm in trying, but i dont know. Like i said im overwhelmed and just a huge mess right now lol.

    maybe im just trying to rush it?? and i should take a step backwards and slow down..i dunno.. lol.
  20. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Shake,

    Everyone gets overwhelmed from time to time. When done the right way, each step is quite a mouthful. But if you take little bites, you can handle anything.

    I understand that it's harder to write about hockey for most instructors than it is to explain while teaching.

    But think about it, you explain it while you teach. You could write instead of speak. In fact, later on you could film lessons and put video on the web to "show" how it's done. For now you could even use vids from YouTube or you could do a digital photo essay or even draw diagrams in Microsoft Paint, Power Point, or similar.

    I'm thinking of these as fast as I am typing. I'm not even pausing. So, if I can come up with ways to teach hockey online (I know almost nothing about hockey), so can anyone.

    I know it's tempting to think you're out of ideas if they don't come to mind easily. Most people have that constraint. But, from now on, know that there is almost always at least one way to do almost anything. Most of the time there is more than one way.

    Just think outside the box instead of giving up after the obvious and most ideal ways to do something don't seem to work. That's part of why engineers get paid so much. They can come up with a good solution for just about anything and often in ways that haven't been done before.

    For monetizing, same as any site: Affiliate links, Adsense, ebooks, sponsors, etc.

    Hang in there and try to be okay with being overwhelmed because it's not the last time it will happen in the field of online marketing.

    You can do it if you stick it out my hockey friend(no pun intended).

    ~Newbie Shield~

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