Stay Away From DriverAgent and Other Phoenix Technologies Products

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    Phoenix Technologies is a scam operation that refuses to issue you a refund if you are not satisfied or happy with the performance of at least one of their products - Driver Agent, which they sell at the corresponding website. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I purchased DriverAgent plus Registry Wizard from the DriverAgent website. For weeks I have been unsuccessful at being issued a full refund. DriverAgent gives false results at times and the drivers it says needs updating either don't or you can get the most current drivers by going to the manufacturer's site and downloading them for FREE!

    None of my emails for support from Phoenix Technologies have even been answered. Twice they have bounced and been marked as "undeliverable." The dates were 1/18/09 and 1/21/09. I originally requested a full refund and gave the reasons why on 11/19/09. The company even issued me a RMA number or Return Merchandise Authorization number of 61121. This RMA has done me NO good on getting the refund I am due. The RMA was given to me on 1/5/09.

    I would strongly advise all members of this forum NOT to purchase any Phoenix Technologies products unless you don't care about being ripped off of your money.

    Craig Barnes
    P.S. All my attempts to contact Phoenix Technologies have also failed. They are always down for one reason or another. When I have asked them for help with recovering my Username and Password they have been silent and not replied.

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