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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by brazilfarmer, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. brazilfarmer

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    Has anybody read about this? It seems very similar to the program Income4Beginners except this one gives $50 fro every sale. It all sounds very good but.... probably the same old story.
  2. getagrip

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  3. brazilfarmer

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  4. dmitch31

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    Have you requested the free guide from their website? What exactly is the product that they are wanting you to sell? Do you have to pay anything to be a member of the program?

    Also, you might do a google search on it and see what you can dig up on them.
  5. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I thought this quote was pretty funny:

    "The guide has been given a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) by an independent agency of $49.95 one off fee, plus $14.99 per month thereafter."

    I sincerely doubt that happened - it usually rarely does. That's an indication that they might be lying. You could always opt in for their "free" guide, but watch out for a sales pitch later on.

    Also, you might want to check out
  6. myincomesuccess

    myincomesuccess New Member

    I am a reseller for stealth money maker and have made 3 sales so far at $50 each. I've only been a reseller for a few weeks. I've made my sales using a video on youtube and classified ads.

    The free guide or ebook offered is very informative and useful even if you never sign up for SMM.

    It shows you step by step how to sell other people's products without having your own website. I think it is very good. If you buy the offer at the end, you will not be disappointed. It is really fantastic what he offers.

    This is very similar to income4beginners but this program is by a different creator and i have been in contact with him several times. He has great customer service. Responds very quickly. I would contact him to get answers to your question. Anyway, I wish you the best. [​IMG]
  7. myincomesuccess

    myincomesuccess New Member

    Rameez...that's not how it goes. You are really exaggerating.

    When you visit the site, you are given an opportunity to download a free report guide by simply entering your name and email address.
    This report legitmately tells you how to make money online using Clickbank products. Basically how to make money selling other people's products. Even if you don't sign up for stealth money maker the report is very good and it is yours to keep.

    While you wait for your report to arrive by email, you are taken to a sales page for a great offer which is yes $50. But if you read the whole entire sales page you will see why this system works. Actually, I think it is brilliant and that is why I took the offer. What you get for $50 is absolutely amazing. You get a massive collection of ebooks, softwares and audios.

    There are endless income possibilities with SMM.
    ***You can be a reseller of SMM and earn $50 per sign up.
    ***You can take the indvidual products and sale them seperately on your website or ebay.
    ***Or You can create your own membership site with these info products and earn residual income from the monthly payments made on your membership website.

    This is internet marketing and everyone is out here to make money. Of course, when you read these sales letters they seem like alot of fluff or hype but you have to be a smart marketer and read between the lines. If you are able to take the system and run with it then you will benefit from it entirely.

    I have now made 6 sales from the system and I am completely satisfy with the results. This is with minimal advertising on my part.

    I hope this clears up any misunderstandings about Stealth Money Maker. [​IMG]

    Lisa Santos
  8. Riki_o

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    I've read the free ebook before, but I ws till waiting before I spend the $50 for the actual thing....So far, someone has been emailing me regarding it (4 emails within 10 days), but he isn't pressuring me to buy it. It just seemed like he was checking up on me, since I dowlnoaded the ebook...

    An Alan Humphreys was contacting me regarding this product.

    I think I may pick up if I gots the funds and start reading up on how to market the stuffs after buying it a bit more, or try out profit lance
  9. mrbreze

    mrbreze New Member

    getagrip: Also, you might want to check out

    Funniest thing I've read on the internet in a month. Not to mention one of the cleverest.

  10. twinmom

    twinmom New Member

    Anyone tried Stealth Money Maker program yet? What were your results??

  11. mdotwhite

    mdotwhite Guest

    I have been looking at Sealth Money Maker myself. I'm also wondering how this program is working for some of you guys.
  12. cybermax

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    [Post deleted - Admin]
  13. 040107

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    cybermax: Don't buy Stealth Money Maker first before you read my review.

    I have my personal experienced with it. Check it out here

    It's more like a pre-sales letter than a review.
  14. Kecia08

    Kecia08 New Member

    I purchased the Stealth Money Maker a couple of weeks ago, but I have been away from my computer a lot so I haven't advertised it much. I made $50 within the first 48 hours of signing up, and that was only after placing 5 ads. When you sign up for the program, you also get a huge assortment of ebooks and software. There were some ebooks I have never saw before included in this package, and the ones I have looked through have been useful to me.

    I've also been getting emails from Alan Humphreys (creator) regularly, and he responses to my questions in a timely fashion.
  15. surachailin

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    I have bought the program. The collection itself is $50, but the rights to resell it for $50 are an extra $27.75. For just the basic $50, you get the collection itself. Some of the items in the collection come with resale rights, but you do need to create your own sales page for those items specifically. The $27.75 gives you a referral URL to the SMM package itself. But come to think of it Alan should'nt charge extra fee for the member url. Stealth Money Maker is a good system but the cost itself are too costly due the collection are a bunch of crap.
  16. HummelMarketing

    HummelMarketing New Member

    I bought into this program for whatever reason.

    The site has now been down for over a month if not longer.

    Stay Clear! [​IMG]

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