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    Does anyone know if this guy is legit?
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    NavPitt: Does anyone know if this guy is legit? Is there some kind of link you can provide us?.
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    Re: Stephen Pierce

    NavPitt: Does anyone know if this guy is legit?
    Stephen Pierce overcame the challenges of being homeless, two bankruptcy filings, and even survived being shot, to climb to the pinnacle of success he enjoys today as a top-shelf, millionaire investor, stock trader, Internet marketer and international speaker.

    He's the author of:

    - Under Oath, The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing an ebook that took the Internet by storm around 2003 - 2004.
    - Amazing Trading Plans a paperback currently available at

    Here's one of his websites.

    Stephen Pierce's physical stature is as big as his influence in Internet marketing circles. There is no mistaking him. He is the real deal.

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    Yes he seems to be very knowledgeable in the area of investments and stock trading. I came across one of his sites a while back where he was giving away a book on making money on the internet for a couple of bucks for S&H. I thought his story of how he got started in internet marketing was interesting so I ordered the book. I've only read a few chapters but what I have read so far is really nothing anyone who has been marketing on the internet for a while doesn't already know. There isn't any "secret information" revealed other than a "bonus" program you can get a free trial membership to and if you like it you "do nothing" and they will automatically charge your monthly fee to your credit card. So basically the book is just a marketing strategy to lure new members to his "bonus" program and I'm sure he also receives a portion of the shipping and handling charge as well. If he gives away enough of these books he makes a nice hunk of change just from the excess S&H charge which would probably more than cover the cost of publishing and printing the book. By you ordering the book you are put on his email AND his postal mailing "lists" so he can promote all of his other programs and products to you. Smart guy if you ask me. [​IMG]

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