Still on the Old School Strategies in Sponsoring??

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    A year ago, I was "kidnapped" by my friend to see a businesss presentation that "he said" can change my lifestyle. I was intrigue because I haven't heard of any kind of business that offers that kind of income in just months. To make the story short , I immediately joined.

    After that, I really tried to sleep that night thinking of me as a successful networker and helped my Mom in my schooling and all those wonderful things that you can imagine, having a house, a car and sack full of money, but i can't :). I immediately talk to any person but guess what they rejected me. Prospect after prospect, still haven't made any changes after a year had gone. All the sarcasm that i received let my guard down, and i really want to quit. When i'm browsing my Facebook, i saw an add pertaining on sponsoring downlines, i got curious and read the book. I was enlightened that I am doing the old school strategies that are ineffective.

    After i finished reading the, i learned things like: Sorting, Knowing the Prospects Reason Why and many more. I want to share with you the things I learned in this book so maybe in some way help you in your problems in sponsoring prospects.

    First up is Sorting.
    It is very important to sort your prospects. Why? Because network marketing is not for all. You have to pick those individuals that you know will see the things that you saw in network marketing. But how will you sort out qualified prospects? Simple, you have to know their "Reason Why". Their reason why they need to earn additional income, etc. That is your tool to sort them out. Once you have done this part, you can proceed to Step 2: Setting Appointments

    It is vital to set appointments because this is the important part where you will open up the business opportunity to your prospects. You will not ask your prospects " when would your free time?", "when will you have time to see the Business Presentation?", etc. You should be the one to set the time and day, why, because if your prospects will set the schedule, maybe he will pick a day where your available and if you set the appointment, it will show leadership.

    Next step is Leading to a Close
    This is a crucial part where you close your prospect in your business opportunity. Even if you belong in the best company with outstanding products and pay plan, if you cannot close your deal, it will turn to waste. I experienced this when my prospect watched the video of the business presentation and i didn't know how closing works and how to do it, she got away. This why you have had the skill to Close.

    The 4th step is Handling Objections

    Interested and qualified prospects asks questions, and this is good because they are showing enthusiasm and curiosity in what you showed them but if you cannot handle and answer their questions, BOOM. They will be gone in your hands. The reason that you must have the knowledge on answering objections is because it will show that you really know your business and your prospects will think that you a true leader and that they can approach you anytime if they will begin to start the business.

    The final step is CLOSING
    This is where you will close your deal with the prospects. There are three types of closing methods: The Challenge Close, Consultant Close and the Number Close. One of these that i use is the Consultant Close. It will make you feel like a boss here. You ask your prospects if they are really about the business and then you will guide them on how to start but if they can't answer that, simply REJECT them. You are the one that will reject your prospects because you are looking for prospects that makes smart decisions. And voila, you had your new partner.!!

    The methods that i have shown you is based on the book of Eduard Reformina, the author of Sponsor More Downlines. Hope this new knowledge will help throughout your journey.
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