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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by SheTeq, Aug 15, 2008.

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    I started the PL course about 2 weeks ago. I went through the left- hand menu information fairly quickly, downloading all the ebooks for later. Then I was interrupted by life in general. I will get back to it and get through the rest before jumping into anything too quickly ... promise. I really do find it very interesting and want to learn lots first and avoid making costly mistakes.

    As I read through the course, I tried to write down ideas I had to apply what I was learning. One of the ideas was to make an offer to three friends/aquaintances, who are starting up local businesses, to create websites for them at no cost in exchange for advertising related products as an affiliate on their site. The products would be related, but not competitive and they would have to approve them.

    Has anyone here done anything similar? If so, how did you handle hosting fees and PPC charges? I'm thinking that I would pay for both, but charge them a nominal monthly fee for hosting and maintenance , depending on the extent of the updates they want. ($10 for adding the occasional customer feedback/ testimonial)

    Am I crazy for offering to do the site(s) at no charge? C'mon, they're struggling entepreneurs, just like us. [​IMG]

    Comments? Advice?

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    Hi Sheila,

    It sounds like you will end up being a webmaster for three of your friends. Depending upon how much work you'll be putting in and how long it will last, it may require a lot of time and effort on your part.

    Once you create a site - even if they agree to a 5-6 page site, it is common for them to expect more, perhaps indefinitely.

    It would be best to have a hosting account that allows multiple TLDs so that there is no extra charge for additional sites.

    I am all for creativity when it comes to making things work, but it looks like a tall order and your friends are getting a better deal than you.

    To compensate for this, you might charge them a significant set up fee and make it clear that any changes or additions come at an extra charge or you will find yourself spending all of your own time on their biz needs.

    Furthermore, you might consider charging them each as much as you pay for your hosting service. It probably won't cost them much and your monthly hosting will be paid for plus you'll make a monthly profit on the hosting.

    You'll have to decide who writes the content, who edits, who creates the graphics - including the logo, drives traffic, ensures SE and directory listings, writes articles, handles PPC campaigns, and more. It may be a bigger task than you pictured.

    They'll appreciate the help and may not be able to venture into online marketing without assistance. It is justifiable to charge something significant in exchange for your expertise. Obviously you can give them a big discount since they are your friends.

    It's great to help out but be careful what you get into and put the details in writing up front.

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    Thanks for taking the time for such a detailed reply. You've bought up many good points that I'll have to consider.

    Yes, I plan to make sure I have all the details laid out in a proposal before I talk to them.

    Thanks again.
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