Struggling in MLM?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Matt Zenittini, Sep 8, 2016.

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    Hi Everyone!

    For those who don't know me I'm Matt and I used to post a lot on here!

    I'm wondering if anyone on here is struggling in MLM? -- I might be able to help!

    I've done MLM for a long time now (about 10 years) and there is currently this epidemic of "experts" "teaching" everyone how to get rich in MLM.

    This is what it looks like a lot:
    1. You join an MLM
    2. You are told to make a website and make posts everyday and market yourself as an expert so people want to join you. (or worse you are told to harass friends and family -- which is NOT a business model)
    3. You are told to buy expensive courses and learn.

    Some of that isn't bad and it definitely ALL has it's place.

    How do you brand yourself as an expert when you are brand new with a signup or two?
    How on EARTH do you duplicate this really hard process to build a downline outside of your personal efforts?
    What happens if you DO somehow make it work and get people.. What happens to the people you get?

    Here is the deal. People want what you want. They want to be able to join a company, and have things that they can do right away to sponsor reps and make money. Most people also want to learn and get better and get more money! I've found one way to give people this without making them chase friends and family. (though I do think it's a good idea to sponsor friends and family who are interested! :))

    Here is what you can do in your business:
    1. Buy Leads
    2. Call your leads and point them to a video
    3. Teach others to do the same

    This is great because it is duplicatable and easy to learn. Anyone can buy leads and anyone can point people to watch a video :). That is a little over-simplified and some skills will help in the process, but the point is to START. I've helped reps sponsor people their first day using this method because it really does work well.

    Is this the most efficient way to build a business? No. Not at all.
    Does it get you new distributors and teach them to do to the same to leverage everyone's work and help everyone make a lot of money? Yes. Yes it does.

    I do recommend learning to brand yourself, create landing pages, learn copywriting, add value to others.. blah blah blah :).. BUT. Learn those things WHILE you take actions that help you to sponsor more reps.. not in place of.

    Have a system where the people you sponsor can do actions and get reps as well!

    One final thought if you are looking for an MLM to join:

    I've seen TOP Amway distributors LOSE their entire downlines overnight... If your downline isn't building, it's going to be shrinking UNLESS.. The product is worth it without the business attached. Please find a business that gives true value to the product -- a business where you would be a customer without the business being there :).

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I'll help how I can!

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  2. Jackie Green

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    If you really want to become successful in your MLM venture, you need direct training and advice from MLM experts.
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    YES! Matt Zenittini............ it is a struggle. Call reluctance! (1) Not the NO that I hate (not feared) but to hold attention and keep conversation going. (2) Everybody seems to be in some MLM and so the no interets. Any ideas to break this barrier. How do we target a potential group. Buying leads is also cold calling. Any suggestions?

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