Success University(Matt Morris)

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by lymand, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. lymand

    lymand New Member

    I have been a member for about a year. Just wondering if anybody else here had had ant experiences with it.
  2. zaphire97

    zaphire97 New Member

    I just joined 1 week ago and the growth is very phenomenal. This business will soar very high.
  3. ebay_addict

    ebay_addict New Member

    you can join for $2.00 if you donate to a charity I believe.
  4. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I was disappointed in the product. I joined briefly. I took four courses.
    The audio on one was so bad, I couldn't bear to listen to it. Another didn't play for more that 30 seconds. It has been around for a year and there really aren't that many courses. they should be adding several a week, IMO, but they don't.

    People think they are going to get rich with this program. Its Ok, but I was umimpressed with the product
  5. ginginca

    ginginca New Member

    I also signed up and was disappointed.

    I guess I was expecting more than what was there.
  6. villalobos

    villalobos New Member

    I have been a member for just 1 day (technically 2 weeks, since my free trial ended yesterday), and just by reading some of the content on Success Plan - Week 1 gave me an idea that I want to implement in the next couple of weeks.

    I think the concept it's good and I will give it at least 6 months to see how it goes. But remember, just like anything in life, if you don't do anything, nothing will happen.
  7. shezz

    shezz New Member

    I am thinking about joining success university. I have purchased the Honest Income Program and it has a section in there about success university. It also gives you the best ways to advertise it to make it successful. I think it should do well if I follow his instructions.
  8. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Far from the best bizop out the Shezz, but if you like the product it may be worth it to you. Success University currently relies on "power recruiting" techniques which is a real cheap $2.oo trial offer. Most will check it out and quit. Seriously, I promoted it to a list of 50 self-generated leads (mostly network marketers) and only one signed up for the trial and quit later ( so did I ).
  9. wendy27

    wendy27 New Member

    I did sign up as well with Success University for a day and the offer doesn't really attract me. I don't think many people can success from this system.
    Finally, I found PAS (Prosperity Automated System),the system that has a good prospect. The problem with it is the joining fee is really expensive.
    I decided to join SSS (Success Synergy System) as a stepping stone to be rewarded for Coastal Vacation program and PAS.
    SSS itself is a feeder program and the joining fee only 175.
    What a bargain
  10. 27amDotCom

    27amDotCom Guest

    I setup an affiliation with Success University earlier this year.

    In short, it's an online education service that delivers streaming media (audio, video) at a monthly membership price.

    Topics range from real estate investing, personal development, marketing, communications, relationships, health and variety of general "self help" topics.

    That's their "product".

    Their "opportunity" is the ability to offer $2 14-day free trial accounts (essentially allowing anyone to test drive their service for a $2 donation to Feed the Children)... as new customers are created from the $2 accounts (nearly 40-60% will upgrade to paying customers after using the service free for 14 days), then the referring affiliate earns a part of the ongoing commission for this referral.

    Since they have setup their compensation with a network marketing model, the referring affiliate also earns from the referrals made by their own customers/associats and their referrals and their referrals (in standard network marketing geometric growth fashion).

    For more details read from page 56 in my "Dear Employee Your Job Sucks" report (see signature).

    NOTE: The reason I endorse it is because it's a low cost, low risk (nearly no cost, no risk) way to start building a passive income and their product is indeed useful to the average individual who has little to no business experience. If you treat it like an overnight cash cow (ie: get rich quick) you will be disapointed because it's not a money game.
  11. cyberchick

    cyberchick New Member

    I was a member for SU but only ever got paid a fast track bonus. Trouble was that I had one strong paying leg and one weak non paying. Apart from Jim Rohns 1 year successplan I got nothing out of it. And the monthly membership is a bit steep.
    Good luck with it anyway
  12. WebGuru

    WebGuru New Member

    So you think SU not worth it. It pays okay.
  13. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I think they need to improve their product to keep people paying the $50- per month. When folks in your downline get enough recruited that their subscription pays for itself... OKAY, then they will stay.

    Fact is most people are not serious enough to actually make the effort to recruit for an MLM. I have made good money in direct sales, not MLM, so that is my preference.

    I think SU would be a better deal if they really stepped up and delivered outrageous value. But I don't think they have. You can buy a lot of similar content on CDs (or even get it from a library) or read it online or whatever.

    I think personal development is a phenomenal industry, and I promote it and endorse it myself. For those who want to earn a 6-figure income in the personal develoment industry, I can offer some ideas in how to do it without all the hassle of building a large organization to make a little bit of money.

    I really liked some of the material in SU, but as I have said before, they don't deliver a product of consistent quality. Regardless of whether the information in the videos is valuable (or available elsewhere), the quality of videography on some of them is terrible and amateurish... and the sound is worse.
  14. mlmsupport_ws

    mlmsupport_ws New Member

    Quoting: malibumentor
    I think they need to improve their product to keep people paying the $50- per month
    Thank you for your informative opinion. I joined because my team uses SU as a funding and educational source. I have been a member for several months and have to agree on the content and better deal. I don't expect to see this one around much longer without some serious improvements. However what education is available is worth at lease signing up and working through.
  15. rexleecorner

    rexleecorner New Member

    I just met Matt Morris yesterday [​IMG] and it was great[​IMG]
  16. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    Thanks for the feedack.

  17. WebGuru

    WebGuru New Member

    Success University is great. You need to educate yourself. I am sure they will upgrade there site soon.

    Think about all the money you pay for college. I do have a marketing degree. I spend a lot money and still paying for it. When I got out of college. I got a job in this marketing company. Making about 45,000 a year. My job was to come up with solutions how to market this product. I didn't have a clue. Fresh out of college.

    I got a piece of paper. Thats great and all. I didn't know how to market this product. A lot of pressure was on me. They assume I know how to do this.

    My point is. Yes 50 bucks is worth it. This will help you online and
    offline. I know more now. Then I learn in my entire 4 years of college. I went to University of Michigan. I spent over 75,000 dollars
    and still paying for it. Almost done now. Got a few thousand to go.

    Don't get me wrong having a degree is great. Colleges are getting expensive. Most people don't even get a job right away. When they get out of college. Sometime it take months or years to get a decent job in there field.

    In most jobs its about WHO YOU KNOW. That' s the truth.

    Take Care,

    "Always keep a positive mindset"
  18. shermanchoo

    shermanchoo New Member

    Because the price tag for Success University is higher then most, its suited for the Internet Marketer who knows what they are doing.

    It's preferable to have an experienced sponsor willing to help you break into the circuit.

    For those who make an effort to work the business, the payout is rewarding. For those who join hoping to take part in some get rich quick scheme without investment or effort in Online and Offline advertising, they will quit in less then 2 months..guaranteed [​IMG]

    Sherman Choo
  19. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I think its slanted towards a certain target market. Its easy to say "everybody wants to be successful" but its not true and many folks won't make the effort to even go to classes.

    So... with marketing a program like this its wise to target your marketing at people who will take the product seriously. 'Cause really, as with most MLMs - people quit when they can't make money...

    and they can't make money because they aren't promoting it to the right people... or doing it in the right way.
  20. libctr

    libctr New Member

    I also bought and joined the programs in the Honest Income Program ebook. I am having success with the ways Steven Wagenheim presented for advertising SU. Namely Secrets of the Big Dogs. I am of the opinion that the information available through SU is quite valuable if you go through the courses and listen in on the weekly calls. I have gained an education that has boosted my personal life and advanced my internet marketing career.

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