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Discussion in 'Wealthy Affiliate' started by chrisbag, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. chrisbag

    chrisbag New Member

    I have just seen a extremely good review on WA has anyone had real success with this one
  2. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I love WA and plan to stay for the life of my IM career.

    Since I joined, I have not spent a dime on advertising!

    What prompted me to join to begin with, in addition to the great reputation WA has, I canceled expensive subscriptions to research and marketing tools.
    They are all included with membership.

    Have a great day,
  3. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Before WA, I had no success at all - in fact, I got scammed several times and also gave up too. Since joining WA, things have really turned around. In my best month, I earned almost $1,700 in profits, but now things are down to about $1,000 a month. Nothing to brag about, but I'll take it. [​IMG]
  4. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    $1,000 a month is great!

    I am sure this will continue to increase for you.

    We are staying on the cutting edge, and that is what's important!

  5. chrisbag

    chrisbag New Member

    $1,000 would be a real good start and certainly a boost to confidence, may i ask how long you have doing WA
  6. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I started to earn money within about two months of joining WA. I know that $1,000 a month sounds pretty modest, but there are some WA members who are earning A LOT more. Recently, I saw a post in the WA forum from my friend Marcus who is earning $14,000 a month, and he made that post on his two year anniversary. So, each person is different in what they earn, but WA definately gives you the tools to succeed.
  7. klrrider

    klrrider New Member

    I have been a member of WA for a little over a year. I will never leave. With all the tools and the time I have invested in learning them and using them along with the friends I have made there I have no choice but to stay! LOL

    I have made some money but not a sustainable income. It is no fault of WA... everything needed is there. I am just a slow learner. I highly recommend WA and it is the most likely be the last membership site for learning IM you will ever have to join.
  8. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I am never leaving Wealthy Affiliate University either.

    WA feels like an old friend now. The members are great, and I am thankful to have met so many wonderful marketers.

    What's incredible, is a member can ask anything, even for a copy critique and the others will jump in and help, with kindness and respect.
    No question is treated like it is not important.
    We all have begun somewhere!

    Some other forums are harsh, especially the copy section. It is like being I never ask!

    The few times I have sent Kyle or Carson personal messages, I have received a friendly answer within 24 hours.
    That's amazing.

    I love the tools, and this saves a lot of money, but the forum is the main reason I stay.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!

  9. chrisbag

    chrisbag New Member


    Thank you for your input and advice, I think youmay very well see me in the forum soon, but it will very likely be after christmas now[​IMG]

    I look forward to being a member pretty soon.
  10. pdean37

    pdean37 New Member

    ive looked at this as ignorant when it comes to promoting a website....which is my main goal for now...not so much the affiliate thing....could wa help me with seo tactics for beginners?....P
  11. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    pdean37: ive looked at this as ignorant when it comes to promoting a website....which is my main goal for now...not so much the affiliate thing....could wa help me with seo tactics for beginners?....P

    Yes, definately. WA is a great place to learn about online promotion techniques, whether you are an affiliate or just want to promote your own website.
  12. sunshine5637

    sunshine5637 New Member

    Hi...I'm new to this forum...I want to do some affiliate marketing. I have a blog website but that's all because I'm totally and completely LOST from this point! What is this Wealthy Affiliate all about and what do I need to do to get started? ARe there set up fees? Any information that has helped you become successful would be much appreciated -- not your secrets, just some advice to put me in the right direction!!

  13. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello sunshine5637 ,

    The Wealthy Affiliate University takes you by the hand and teaches step by step how to become a successful an internet/affiliate marketer as well as promote the web sites and blogs you already have created.

    Everything you need is included within your membership;
    One on one coaching, a very friendly and helpful forum, a website builder, keywords, articles, research and marketing tools, and more.

    There are courses and tutorials to be taken at your own pace.

    The cost is $39.00 per month, or you can choose the annual option which is $359.88, which breaks down to $29.99 a month.

    Please feel free to PM me if I can help.

    Happy New Year!

    Victoria NTC

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  14. chrisbag

    chrisbag New Member

    Well I joined [​IMG] and all i can say is WOW

    I think its the best move i will ever make and yeah i wont need to join any other programme, its an amazing programme and if i fail it will be through my own lack of action.

    So thank you all for the advice and convincing me its the place to be.

    Victoria I think i have seen you in the forum there, I have done week one already as im not a complete newbie, so im eager to get started on week two now which should start in about two days. [​IMG]

    Really looking forward to becoming an advanced member [​IMG]
  15. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hi Chris,

    My WA forum name is NTC.

    I wish I had kept my name in there..
    Can we be WA Buddies?

    If you need anything PM me okay?
    I am happy you joined too!

    I will be there until I retire!
    I doubt I will retire, loving IM so much though.
    So, I will be there until I am 100.

  16. sunshine5637

    sunshine5637 New Member

    If you don't mind my asking, how long have you been with WA and what type of profits do you make? Also, how much time do you spend working?

  17. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    If you don't have the money to join WA you can do the 30 Day Challenge to get started it's FREE. And you will learn everything you need to know to begin affiliate marketing then join Wealthy Affiliate after you finish that.

    I did both WA and 30 Day Challenge only I did them backwards I should have done the 30DC first because the 30DC breaks it down to my newbie level. I was lost in WA with no computer or IM skills.
  18. sunshine5637

    sunshine5637 New Member

    Thank you for that, Sonni! Is the name of the program just Thirty Day Challenge? I will google it and sign up, unless you have a link?

    So...the WA program isn't just to begin learning about affiliate marketing? You keep going with it even after you get started?

    Thanks again. With Christmas being so recent my funds are low [​IMG]
  19. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    Wealthy Affiliate will be available possibly as long as we're alive. Don't rush yourself. If you still feel like you want to join WA after the 30DC then do so. At least you can learn the basics free, Ed Dale is a nice guy, a good teacher and excellent Internet Marketer. You will be in good hands.

    WA is not a scam and is a legitimate school for internet marketers. There are some who go right in and catch on, I didn't. I'm a slow learner and need step by step. Many people stay there for years it just wasn't the right place for me.
  20. chrisbag

    chrisbag New Member

    Hi Victoria

    Sure we can be buddys, I will look you up now.

    I made my first sale today as well, so im kind of on a high at the moment.


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