Suggestions for creating a newsletter-ebooks- your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by traverus_travel, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. traverus_travel

    traverus_travel New Member

    I am wondering what the best way would be to start a newsletter and ebook, is there a particular software one would use. I'd like to incorporate material from my blog. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Traverus,

    Just use MS Word to create the newsletter. When finished with each issue, copy/paste it into an auto-responder. When folks subscribe to your blog or website, they'll automatically get a new issue each time you upload it and set it to go out to your members. Many web hosting accounts come with free auto-responders.

    For eBook creation there are two good options. You can use an eBook creator or you can use software you already have.

    I use MS Word for the text and various graphics programs to add graphics. I then use Adobe Acrobat Professional to convert it to a PDF. We had to do this more than once in college and sometimes in collaboration. We had several group projects.

    My software is expensive, so it isn't for everyone.

    A third option is to buy a package containing an eBook that explains the whole process including uploading, selling, and marketing your eBook along with the eBook creation software.

    Just Google it. There are a lot of options. Prices, capabilities, and quality varies.

    Good luck,

    ~Newbie Shield~

    Edited to include comments about auto-responders.
  3. dmitch31

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    Later versions of Microsoft Word allow you to save your document directly to PDF format. If you have a version of Microsoft Word that does not allow this, there are several "add on" products you can purchase that give you this functionality. In most cases, these add on products run in the range of $20 to $30, so they are very cost effective. Just do a goodle search on 'microsoft word pdf'.
  4. gradyp

    gradyp New Member

    OpenOffice.Org is another great program that you can use to write either a newsletter or an e-book. It also has the ability to export to a PDF file. I've been using OpenOffice for a few years, and have been very pleased with it. (It's an open source suite alternative to MS office, and it's free!)


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