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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Ross, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Ross

    Ross New Member

    Good Day,

    I have just joined Super Eden in evaluation mode. Before I pay and get seriously involved, have any of you any experience or suggestions vis-a-vis this business opportunity? Certainly appreciate any feedback!


  2. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    Hi Ross,

    I had just signed up this past Saturday night myself. What I like about it, is that it very easy to understand. I personally in the past didn't want to get involved in a MLM, but Super Eden changed my mind, when a good friend I trust said I really should take a good look at it. I did and signed up after reading the entire site. They pay you for every 3 new members to come aboard, it doesn't matter whether they were people from your up-line (what they call spillover), you sponsored them or your downline sponsored them. I guess alot of other MLM's make you wait until your matrix is entirely full before paying you anything. So it makes it easier for new members to get paid and stay motivated. Just my initial thoughts on Super Eden. I hope this helped you Ross.
  3. Ross

    Ross New Member

    Hi Marv,

    Thank you very much for your feed back. Does this mean that if someone enrols under you, they would benefit from your activity?

    If that is true it sure helps. I think I will pay for my enrolment, work it & see what happens.


  4. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    Hi Ross,

    Yes, you are correct, each of my 3 direct people each have their first member under them due to my spillover.
  5. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    Hello again Ross,

    I now been in Super Eden for 3 weeks, my group now numbers 23 and I have made it thru my first matrix and am more than halfway thru my 2nd one. All 3 of my 1st level members are all profitable. Just need to help them get thru their first matrix, then the matching bonuses start to kick in, that's what I see as the real exciting part of Super Eden. All this activity has happened all throughout the holiday season, boy, I can't wait to see how it takes off when everyone gets back to a normal life!! Hope everyone has a great 2008. [​IMG]
  6. jvco

    jvco New Member

    Thanks for the opp Marv. I know this is going to be big.[​IMG]

  7. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    With the help of jvco, my Super Eden group is now up to 40 members!! Thanks for the great job John, over halfway to completing your first matrix, in about a week. 40 in 4 weeks, with 3 weeks of those thru the Holiday Season, so we've had 17 new members in the last week.
  8. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    Now have 2 members in our group (Yanick Bernier & John Valley) ready to complete their first matrix, hopefully before compression Tuesday! I've started my 3rd matrix and have 1 opening left in my first level, prime spillover position. Our group - The Super Eden Marketing Group - now has 49 members, in 5 weeks time. I just added a Super Eden download page (member's only!) to my site, have banners and a list of advertising sources that I use on a daily basis to promote Super Eden. Hopefully within the next week we will have a weekly (Sunday night seems like the best time) google talk group chat sessions, where members can get questions answered and we can share ideas within the group. Also researching options for forum scripts, anyone out there have any ideas for a good FREE forum script? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. TreCan

    TreCan New Member

    Looks like I joined the wrong Super Eden team because I haven't received any spillover nor gotten anyone to sign up.
  10. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    Hi Teresa,

    Sorry to hear that, how long have you been in SE? We have a very active group and is now at 57 members as of tonight. I myself have not received any spillover, but I have generated plenty of it, my group likes that. [​IMG] Does your upline communicate with you? It is in their best interest to help you as much as they can. If you have any questions, ask them here and I'll be more than glad to help you, as it may help others reading this forum thread.
  11. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    Check that, my group total is 52, miscalculation on my part, sorry.
  12. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    Just a quick update on The Super Eden Marketing Group. We now have a live message forum and we had our first group chat last night. They will be held every Sunday night at 10pm EST. You are invited to attend, just PM me for the link. It was very fast paced and everyone learned something, so join us this coming Sunday. Our group now totals 67 members, we've added 15 members since the 15th (6 days)!! Have a good day all.
  13. paydaypatch

    paydaypatch New Member

    I signed up two days ago and already have 3 people signed up none of which I have ever marketed with in the past. I think this will prove to be a great program. Looking forward to making tons of money both for me and my downline.
  14. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm glad SOMEONE is making money with this program but, I wish you successful SUPER EDEN promoters would tell ME what works!

    I have been promoting this program for over 5 weeks now and have not gotten even one sign up!

    At least I can say that the 'spillover' plan seems to be working.
    I have 2 'spilloverees' and should FINALLY get back a bit of the money I have put into this program if I get another spillover (since my ever getting a sponsor seems more and more unlikely each wasted hour!).

    I'd love to actually get a sponsor from my own effort, instead of depending on 'spillover', but the hours I have been spending promoting SUPER-EDEN, just haven't paid off and there's only so much time I can spend on fruitless endeavor.

    I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet, and at least there's 'spillover' to hope for.
    But I for one, would sure like to know where to direct my efforts to get some actual results!!
  15. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    Haven't posted in a while, thought I would give a quick update on The Super Eden marketing Group's progress, as of Super Bowl Sunday our group now totals 98 members! Besides myself, we have had 1 member cycle thru their first matrix and 2 other members that are within 1 or 2 members of cycling themselves. Have a good night, I hope your team won tonight, as mine didn't.
  16. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, what we at Super Eden call 'compression Tuesday', I earned a comission ($50) as a result of 'spillover'.

    This is my third spillover sponsoree - no effort on my part.
    (I didn't even KNOW I was getting spillover sponsorees!)

    Apparently, now I'll have to wait out the 10 day moneyback guarantee period, but at least I can say that 'spillover' and 'effortless income' is a reality (once this guarantee/fraud prevention period is up!), at SUPER EDEN!

    Sure wish I could figure out how to get my own sponsors, like so many people seem to be able to do.
    I'll be tryin' 4 damn sure!
    That's the way to make GOOD Super Eden money!

    But until then, the next best thing to do is make sure you are part of an ACTIVE super eden group like the one I am a member of - THE SUPER EDEN MARKETING GROUP!
  17. Tadej

    Tadej New Member

    I joined because my sponsor gave me 15$ to do it :p I use banner to promote Berry Tree will see if it works. So far i've been getting some views but no clicks.
  18. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Quoting: TadejI joined because my sponsor gave me 15$ to do it :p I use banner to promote Berry Tree will see if it works. So far i've been getting some views but no clicks

    Good luck on you too!
    I haven't gotten a lot of response from my banner ads either but the SUPER EDEN spillover is great!

    I wouldn't offer someone money to join - this costs so little already!
    It's also too too EZ to make EZ, 'no effort' commissions!!

    When you get that first commission without doing ANYTHING, you will see what I mean!
  19. AppealMarketing

    AppealMarketing New Member

    Hello All,

    It has been a little while since I've posted here, just wanted to give a quick update on our Super Eden Marketing Group, we are now up to 118 members, this since Dec 8th. Hope everyone had a good and profitable weekend.
  20. SuccessAwaits08

    SuccessAwaits08 New Member

    Hi there,

    I'm excited about this opportunity, and I look forward to seeing the plan in action. I just found out that I am part of Marv's organization, so he now has at least 119 members. [​IMG] I signed up on the 26th. If it is permissible, I would love for people to talk about the successes that they have had, like Marv has done with his updates. When I was researching the opportunity before joining, I found this information very helpful.

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