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Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by xxxcrzyxxx, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. xxxcrzyxxx

    xxxcrzyxxx New Member

    Hey everyone I found a website that is willing to give 45 day money back guarentee if I dislike the site. It cost 50$ to sign up...It sounds legit to me and I got it off Has anyone else signed up for something like this? I am a stay at home mom and I need to make cash...If not, any suggestions on a good paying stay at home job?
  2. PNL Travel

    PNL Travel New Member

    Hi xxxcrzyxxx,

    My Mom joined a site like that, it promised a money back guarantee also, but because she had signed up with some of the sites to fill out her survery's she didn't qualify for her money back, even though she didn't make more than 5 bucks.

    Sites like that are just a list of survey companies that you can sign up with. There are tons of sites that give you the same information for free! Actually, My Mom liked happygal's list. You can find it here on the forum by going to one of her posts and clicking on her sig.

    Also, look around this forum, there are lots of ways to make money from home, it just depends on what you like to do!

    I hope this helps [​IMG]

  3. kristan

    kristan New Member

    Unfortunately, many 'review sites' are used as a selling tool for affiliate programs. It's difficult to get an honest opinion on those sites, as most everyone is simply looking to sell you a product. Most of the survey directories sold DO have a money back guarantee-- if you purchase through click-bank, getting a return is fairly easy. HOWEVER- to purchase a list is not necessary. There are so many free lists available that rival or top the sold directories.
  4. happygal

    happygal Member

    I totally agree. Don't bother with purchasing a list. You will not find out any survey companies that you couldn't have found for free.

    And yes, the problem is that often people are promoting only sites that offer referral incentives. And while there are some good survey sites that pay for people being referred, the majority of paying sites do not...
  5. fahmohd

    fahmohd New Member

    The dictum is never pay for taking paid suveys.
    Survey sites should pay you- isn't that right?
  6. WebGuru

    WebGuru New Member

    You shouldn't pay for surveys. The only thing about surveys you have to qualify. So you can get your credits.
  7. dc1576

    dc1576 New Member

    NEVER pay for a list. They shoot you hundreds of sites were 90% of junk. Here is the same list for absolutely free. I do not directly endorse any of these sites. I just want to save you the fifty bucks. As you can see no referral links. Some are good most are bad. Which ones are good? Where would be the fun in that?

    Userworks Cash & Prizes
    Vocalabs Cash
    Your Say Cash
    Zoom Panel Cash & Prizes
    Socratic Forum Cash & Prizes
    Product Testing Services Cash & Prizes
    Advisory Panel Cash & Prizes
    osMoz Club Cash & Prizes
    Precision Research Cash
    Savitz Research Cash
    Consumer Views Cash
    Media Transfer Cash & Prizes
    RedPen Cash
    Bellwether Surveys Cash & Prizes
    Compurxinc Cash & Prizes
    Clarion Research Cash & Prizes
    Internet Surveys of American Opinion Cash
    Opinion Place Prizes
    TechTV Opinions Cash & Prizes
    Spidermetrix Cash & Prizes
    Survey Site Cash & Prizes
    Drug Voice Cash & Prizes
    Your 2 Cents Cash & Prizes
    Yahoo Research Prizes
    Q&A Research Cash
    SurveyCafe Cash & Prizes
    Song People Prizes
    Contractor Advisory Board Cash
    Shifrin Hayworth Cash
    Wellness Interactive Cash & Prizes
    Begin Surveys Cash & Prizes
    Participants Online Cash & Prizes
    Telephone Mixer Cash Cash & Prizes
    CRC Inc Cash
    Brand Institue Inc. Cash & Prizes
    Research Connections Cash & Prizes
    Clickin Research Cash & Prizes
    Digital Research Cash & Prizes
    PSB Associates Cash & Prizes
    Fact Finders Cash & Prizes
    Vividence Inc. Cash & Prizes
    Internet Poll Cash & Prizes
    Gulf Surveys Cash & Prizes
    Live Surveys Cash & Prizes
    Harris Poll Cash & Prizes
    Kidz Eyes Cash & Prizes
    Online Surveys Cash & Prizes
    20/20 Research Cash & Prizes
    Athena Market Research Cash
    Comsumer Opinion Panel Cash & Prizes
    Executive Advisory Board Cash
    LiveWire Cash & Prizes
    Michael Herbert Associates Cash
    OpiStat Cash
    Adler-Weiner Research Cash & Prizes
    eLab Cash & Prizes
    Opinion Square Cash & Prizes
    Ask Miami Cash
    e-Search Cash & Prizes
    CQS Research Cash & Prizes
    CyberSurvey Prizes
    Pick the Hits Prizes
    Domus Online Cash & Prizes
    SpectraCom Inc. Cash & Prizes
    Beta Sphere Cash & Prizes
    Business Research Lab Cash & Prizes
    eJury Cash & Prizes
    Employee Surveys Cash & Prizes
    Food Quiz Cash & Prizes
    Freebie People http://www.urlhasbeenblocked/ Cash & Prizes
    Grace Market Research Cash & Prizes
    Golf Testing Cash & Prizes
    MBS Internet Cash & Prizes
    iOpinion Cash & Prizes
    iPoints Cash & Prizes
    Sonic Drive-In Cash & Prizes
    NPD Group Cash & Prizes
    Pragmatic Research Cash & Prizes
    Music Research Cash & Prizes
    Focus on Boston Cash
    Online Eval C
  8. jorchav

    jorchav New Member

    Hello Moderator,
    I posted a comment/reply on this thread a few days ago and it has not appeared here. Did my posting get censored/quashed? If so, could you please tell me why? I want to comply with forum rules, thought I had. If not I would like to know so I can comply in the future..
  9. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Most probably it didn't comply to forum rules. As it's impossible to remember why a post was not approved, I'm sorry I can't give you the exact reason.
  10. jorchav

    jorchav New Member


    About Surveys Absolute, according to,

    Survey Absolute, CB vendor I.D. "brouland" was
    "Last Seen in ClickBank Marketplace: 17-07-2007 (day/month/year) Warning: The 8 latest ClickBank Marketplace XML feeds do not have this product listed. This can be indication that the product is a discontinued product!"

    Sounds like they may be in trouble...
  11. jorchav

    jorchav New Member


    Quoting: Vishal P. RaoMost probably it didn't comply to forum rules. As it's impossible to remember why a post was not approved, I'm sorry I can't give you the exact reason.

    Probably it was because I used a reference to a page on one of my websites that had info on Survey Absolute.

    I was not trying to tout my site or put in a commercial plug. Survey Absolute is on the list, number 20, at the bottom of the list, with reasons spelled out why it is not recommended at this time. The reasons are based on hard data, facts, not on subjective opinion.

    Just thought it was easier to refer people there so they could read the entry themselves rather than try to repeat the whole thing here!

    Sorry. How should such a reference be handled? It seemed to me to be right on point and potentially useful...

    You can verify the above by looking at the reference at:

    [Link removed - Admin]

    The Survey Absolute listing is four clicks or so down the page.
  12. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Quoting: jorchavSorry. How should such a reference be handled? It seemed to me to be right on point and potentially useful...

    Sorry! The forum rules apply to everyone.
  13. cheza

    cheza New Member

    I joined Absolute Surveys and I did not get many surveys even though I joined alot of sights. Most of them are not available in I guess Australia. Some sights say Absolute Surveys is a good site to earn money but not in Australia. The only way you can get 100% money back is if you have joined 20 surveys some which you have to also pay up to $50 There are alot of free paid surveys but it depends on weather or not you qualify which I dont. I may get to stage one and then the say "sorry you son't qualify" and the may put 10c into your account.
    If anyone know's of any good paid sites do let me know as I to am a home mum and need cash..
    I have heard that Legitjobsonline is a good site has anyone had anything to do with this site?
  14. TB550

    TB550 New Member

    The problem with a lot of these sites is that their databases are extremely out of date and not updated on a regular basis. Some sites like Maximum Paid Surveys (and others) are updated daily. And this makes a big difference.

    Also make sure you get a money back guarantee.
  15. Thomas Absolute

    Thomas Absolute New Member

    Survey Absolute works with their members to try to help make them successful. I have gone through and look and most of the links that are here are affiliate links. You can do that in your signature. I am wondering how it was that they allowed the list of links to be printed. clearly a violation of forum rules regarding links. Perhaps there is more to this forum than straight forward advice.
  16. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Thomas Absolute:

    Can you show me some affiliate links in the list above?
  17. dogma

    dogma New Member

    Don't subscribe to Survey Absolute if you live in Canada. It's a waste of time because you can only subscribe to about ten percent of their companies. These ten percent sites can be easily found for free. Check listings for free surveys and move on from there, but beware that serious cash is hard to earn this way. Work at McDonald's or something. You'll paid far more than any survey taking.

    - former survey enthusiast
  18. The big question to pay for a "paid survey directory" or not to pay?
    Notice I included the word directory in the quotations this is because you should never pay for a paid survey they should pay you. But it would be a good idea to pay for a good directory which only lists cash paying surveys.

    Why should anyone pay for a paid survey direcoty when they can get it for free? This question was asked on this forum in this thread.

    Read the thread till the end to see what yours truly responded. (Look at the last post of the page).

    The debate got into more details in this thread.

    Well with all the debating we all agreed to disagree here, as mentioned this is the beauty about surveys, everyone get to voice their opinion. It's just a shame that we don't get paid for it in this forum.
  19. Bobwilliams

    Bobwilliams New Member

    One of the most popular ways to make money online lately has been blogging. If you are not familiar with blogging it's basically the process of keeping an online journal that others can read. If you write something interesting enough times, your readers will grow and so will your income.Blogging for money might sound easy enough but, like any method make money online, it takes determination, dedication, and a true desire to make some good money.

    [Link removed. Update signature - Admin]
  20. Teriflowers

    Teriflowers New Member

    Im not sure if they provide as well jobs to work at home but I found a great executive position through this site and I'm sure that you will get a lot free list and you don't need to pay for any thing to get this information!
    Anyways you might have found already something but I though this info could be interesting for more people looking for job [​IMG]

    [Link removed - Admin]

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