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    A swipe file is a file or collection of headlines, advertisements, blogs, articles, posts, etc. A swipe file is an excellent form of inspiration as long as it is used correctly. Swipe files are never to be taken and used as originally published. The work should inspire you to come up with your own original copy, although it may contain elements of the swipe file you used.
    Whenever you have writers block, a swipe file just might help get the creative juices flowing. So go ahead, look at other's work and learn from it. Then create your own masterpiece.
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    Good info. Thanks for sharing.

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    You're welcome. Watch for future post.
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    I like the post very much as it contain informative knowledge regarding an swipe files and its process.A swipe file is simply a set of templates or examples that you keep on-hand and refer to when you begin a new project. If you're a designer, your swipe file may be comprised of great logo designs you've come across, creative navigation, unique layouts, fonts and other elements of typography, and stock photos.

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