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  1. jadek

    jadek New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this forum.[​IMG]

    Anyone of you joined SwissCash? I've just joined SwissCash after watching it for over half a year. OK, you may think I'm over cautious, but tt's because I've been scammed too many times, including some of my previously highly trusted programs. I won't guarentee to anyone here that this is a super safe program. In fact, if anyone says tt to you, he/she probably hasn't been online long enough. [​IMG]

    I just feel that this is one of the few programs we can throw our spare cash in to try. We shd always follow the number 1 golden rule - Don't throw in what you can't afford to lose. If you do have some spare cash or are thinking of expanding a little of your wealth, you can give this some thoughts.

    Basically it is an investment plan that offers a total of 300% in 15 months, being
    - First 3 mths 10%
    - Next 3 mths 15%
    - Next 3 mths 20% (you get back your capital in the 8th mth with a little profit)
    - Next 3 mths 25%
    - Last 3 mths 30%

    You can very well join as a pure investor (min investment amt of USD100) and just wait to collect ur returns every 30 days. Or you can throw in a bit more (min USD1000) and try to get people to join you in the program. You'll earn 10% of your downline's FIRST investment, as well as 10% of their monthly returns. So if your downline invest $1000, you'll get $100 upfront and 10% of whatever interest they get every month.

    Of coz if you're even more ambitious you can earn extra USD1000 for every 10k investment on each side of your binary structure of downlines. The computation of 10k investment is reset every month, ie. you'll have to have a fresh set of 20k (10k on each side) every month in order to get the extra $1000. Makes sense to me, otherwise the company would have long been gone.

    What I like about this program is, it has got good security measures to protect our accounts. While I may not have joined for long, my upline, who's also my friend, has been with the program for a year. He has never failed to receive a single payment late (this has boost my confidence). Every transaction will be sent to our HP via SMS.

    Well, I guess I have said enough (I hope I've not said too much). If you're interested to know more, I welcome you to post any qn here. If you wish to join me, I'll be more than happy to welcome you to my team. If you think this is not your cup of tea, I'm not gg to try to convince you as well. Everyone has their rights to choose the program they're comfortable with. [​IMG]
  2. annlee

    annlee New Member


    i have just joined this month. i didnt invest much because im being cautious. i want to put more, but am scared to take the risk. as long as i got back my principle, i can be in peace.
  3. jadek

    jadek New Member

    Hi ann,

    When is your first payment due? Mine is end of the month. Waiting for it [​IMG]
  4. annlee

    annlee New Member

    Hi jadek,

    My first payment is beginning of next month. Waiting for it too. [​IMG]
  5. sss3d

    sss3d New Member

    Just be careful because you're money is tied up for a very long time. I recommend programs with shorter time, like 7 days, so that you get your money faster. I've tried topasinvest dot com, and they've paid out great. Not endorsing them or anything. I got paid in egold on time and in the correct amount.
  6. annlee

    annlee New Member

    topasinvest is a new program?
  7. Guenter

    Guenter New Member

    Hi Jade,

    why not publishing ur referer code, so anyone can join this club??
    Thanks for prompt action.

  8. Average Joe

    Average Joe New Member

    Hi, I am a new swiss cash investor.

    Just joined 1st Feb 07. Now received USD200 with 2 referrels. Great investment programme. Can't wait for end of every month. Let your money works for you.
  9. tambizcash

    tambizcash New Member

    My advise is to always diversify.
    I have several passive programs that I am involved in.
    I learned the hard way after loosing 60k in a passive
    real estate investment in GA. Now the receiver has
    my money. Like I said I learned the hard way.

    Regards, Tambiz
  10. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Ever heard of 12 Daily Pro? At first, people invested, and some made money. They trusted in the system, and reinvested...until some started to lose crazy amounts like $5,000 at a time! Just something to think about, so be careful.

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