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    You probably know how well Xango and Mona Vie have done as Network Marketing Company's. Yes, there's lots of controversy surrounding them, but in spite of it, people seem to really go for these kind of products and business opportunities.

    Let's say Mona Vie was a Company and product that is your cup of tea, sort of speak. Let's say someone said to you, I know about a Company that's probably going to do very well and it hasn't even pre-launched yet. Would you want to take a look at it?

    I know of such a Company. It's called Synaura and it's new product, Avia, is the "Original Maqui Supplement". Maqui? What's that? I never heard of it either until recently.

    As if the Maqui berry with the highest antioxidants of any food in the world wasn't enough, Synaura will do three things that will make it stand out from other mlm's.

    Avia will be the world's first naturally time released health supplement. There are numerous other features of this product that will put it in a class all by itself.

    Second, the owner of Synaura, Dan Maltais has been a mlm distributor for over 18 years and claims that Synaura will be seen through a "distributor's eyes". He promises what many mlm's lack and that's networking training and education.

    Synaura University will be directed by hands on networkers with over 50 years of combined experience and who have built huge down lines and earned millions of dollars in previous companies. This education will be "the talk of the Industry".

    Last but not least is the Synaura Compensation Plan. The model for this hybrid unilevel has been used in previous mlm's (in non-nutritional ones) and produced some of the biggest and most checks in the Industry.

    Members will be taught how to best implement the plan. There will be fast start and matching bonuses and rank advancement is determined by the number of distributors in your group and the number of legs rather than volume.

    Here are four features of the plan:
    1. $60 - $70 autoship pays down 3 levels

    2. $120 - $130 autoship (one full case of product - 4 bottles) pays down on 7 levels .

    3. Customers can sign up to purchase product at distributor cost without giving out SS# or paying distributor fee and you will be paid on all volume. It will open to US and Canada.

    4. As mentioned, moving up in rank is determined by the number of distributors in your group and the number of distributors you personally have sponsored. For example, when you sponsor 2 and have a total of 6 in your group you advance to the rank of "Director". You not only get paid 7 levels in the unilevel, you now get paid an additional 4% on all new distributors that come into your organization until you advance to the next rank.

    We do not have all the details on the Comp Plan and there is no website to join. This is all there is: www.synaura.com Pre-launch is planned for sometime in November and all the information I currently have is through emails from the owner.

    Feel free to Google Synaura, Synaura Avia and Maqui. Please feel free to ask any questions.

    Enjoy life.

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    this is nothing to sneeze at ... 'You won't get rich but you can make a realistic $500 to $5,000 a month.'
    i'd work from home with those numbers anytime [​IMG]
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    I agree. We are all looking forward to this getting off the ground.
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    Synaura International has officially pre-launched on January 1, 2009. Currently, a temporary website is available for your consideration.

    When joining for $69.00, members receive one of the best distributor kits in the Industry and are asked to choose an auto order package, starting at $69.00 for one bottle of AVIA and 6-4 oz. sample bottles.
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    This company is not like anything that have personally, taken a look at before. The training is different, we are helping people build them, their brand. This is important, because if you build your brand "you" there is a level of trust. The Maqui Berry is different than anything out there. This is the first time that I have heard of a berry being put through some many different tests to scientifically prove its efficacy. Looking forward to some great things with this company.
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    Synaura will officially launch in two weeks on May 1, 2009. Here is the break down on costs to join and for AVIA:

    $69.00 to join including functional distributor kit

    $69.00 monthly autoship for one 750 mil bottle of AVIA and 6-4 oz. bottles.

    $120.00 monthly autoship for 4 bottle case.

    Owner Dan Maltais highlights some of the features of the bottle and distributor kits in this youtube video.

    There will also be a $135.00 autoship for 24 4 oz. sample bottles.
    Then there's a double sample case or double case for $270.00 and $240.00 and a Dual Pack with one case of 4 bottles and one case of the 24-4 oz. bottles for $255.00

    There will be a 30 day money back guarantee for the kits and AVIA.
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    I joined Synaura during March of this year and I have been blown away by the quality of the distributor kit. I have been in other mlm's before and their kits are usually just a CD or DVD and a book of rules. With Synaura you get a true business builders, hit the ground running, distributor kit.

    I was equally blown away when I received my first case of sample product. Taste great.

    I am looking forward to building a huge organization with this company.
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    I'm sure you will especially since you have such a great sponsor. (He's another Doctor!)

    Synaura will soon have their Corporate website, Corporate video and other marketing materials available soon. The custom glass bottle is being remade to fit the standards of the International market.

    Synaura has huge plans for an International market as it goes public in about 3-4 months. This is the right Company to be spending your time building. Best wishes for your success.
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    The Time is Now! Synaura is putting out a "Global Outreach Programme" by next Wed (13th Jan, 2010 EST) where ANYONE in the world can get involve with Synaura.

    Launching now in US & Canada. Synaura will be opening in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Ukraine markets in the next 8-week. With the Synaura straight line comp plan, EVERYONE that joins AFTER you is placed BELOW you!

    Synaura is taking the industry by storm and becoming the next generation of multi-level marketing.

    Are you Ready?!
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    Synaura is now ready for the USA market for membership and product orders. Here are some of the things you should know about Synaura:

    Synaura has two products available, Avia and Syn40. You can "try a sample" of each or order a 750 Mil glass bottle or more or order a 60 capsules one month supply of Syn40.

    Avia also comes in 4 ounce sample bottles. You can order one or a case of 24 to distribute to others. The list of ingredients for both products can be found on the Internet if you Goggle for them.

    Synaura has a Corporate website at http://synaura.com It will tell you all you need to know about the company, its executives and the Comp Plan.

    Synaura also has a marketing website. it is at http://mysynaura.com However, if you go there it asks for you to put in a distributor's name or user name. I can not give you mine as this would be interpreted as self serving to the forum. So you need to put in the user name of the person who told you about Synaura to get access to the mysynaura site.

    This site will allow you to "take the tour" to allow you to see why Synaura is such an innovative network marketing company.

    One feature about Synaura is its True Straight Line Compensation Plan. What makes it a TRUE Plan is how it rewards you by its Straight Line Bonus. You can actually receive commissions from the 5 people who join after you even though you did not sign them up. There are requirements explained on the website.

    The Compensation Plan also pays out 55% of its revenue on average and as high as 64%. The 55% is quite easy to see. For example, you receive 30% of the first order from someone you sign up. Your sponsor gets 15% and his sponsor gets 10%. There's the 55%.

    After the initial order, you receive "Generation" Bonuses that equal 55% as well. So your personal sign up orders and you get 20% of the order. When he signs up someone, you get 10% of the order and when he signs up someone you get 5% of the order. That's 35% right there.

    Then on levels 4-9 you get 3% and level 10, 2% That's another 20% for a total of 55%. Many Companies only pay out in the mid to upper 30%. They also do not usually go as high as 10 levels. Fast Start commissions are paid weekly and other bonuses, monthly.

    So what is the advantage of a Straight Line Compensation Plan? If someone joins after you they go under you but what's the advantage? There are actually a couple of advantages.

    First of all, to advance in Rank (there are 20 ranks in Synaura) you must have a certain amount of personal volume (pv), personal group volume (pgv) and overall volume (ov). Often, like when you're in a binary, you need lots of volume in both legs to get paid the big bucks. There's no legs to balance in Synaura.

    With The Synaura Freedom Plan, the Overall Volume is what everyone who joins after you in the Company does in sales. So to achieve the 6th rank in Synaura, Senior Director, your overall volume has to be $10K. If you joined today, this won't happen tomorrow, not yet anyway. But it will in time.

    So the sooner you get your position, the faster this volume will grow to qualify you for that rank. You do need $120.00 in PV and $2,000. in PGV (which is the volume for everyone in your group, your sign ups and their sign ups) to achieve this rank.

    When you do, you will receive a $200.00 cash bonus and a 1% corporate bonus for those in that rank that month to share. So when you join does have it's advantages.

    The second advantage of The Straight Line Comp Plan is the Straight Line Bonus I mentioned above. To qualify for commissions with Synaura you only need to sign up one person. However, for each person you sign up in your first 60 days with the Company, you'll receive a 1% bonus up to 5% (for 5 sign ups) on the 5 people who joined Synaura after you regardless of who signed them up. The bonus is paid on what they order.

    That commission is for life, each and every month. So you are encouraged to act quickly and get your business off the ground.

    Synaura is changing the way network marketing companies do business. They have a true 'risk free" program that allows you to join Synaura absolutely free. There is no annual membership fee that's non-refundable like with other companies.

    With their 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, you also can buy "risk free". Once you join, you are NOT required to go on autoship. One $30,00 order secures your position in the genealogy for one whole year. What does that mean?

    It means you can join Synaura for free, place a $30, order and "wait and watch" Synaura , if you like. You can go about your business, check back in 6 months when you might be more ready and see how much OV or overall volume is under you.

    Another way to look at it is to join for free and buy one bottle of Avia for $30.00. Then you can go about building your Synaura business. But let's say it doesn't work for you or some personal matters in life distract you.

    You won't be "out" any more than the $30.00 (unless you decide it's not right in the 30 day money back guarantee period - then you get that back as well) because you're not on autoship. What could be fairer? It's like "trying" before you commit for only $30.00

    Now think about how easy this is for others to "swallow" or accept. It makes getting sign ups easy. It's truly a remarkable program and shows how much confidence Synaura has in itself.

    On top of this, Synaura has a "Guaranteed Income Program". How would you like to be guaranteed an income of $500.00 a month. With this program, Synaura will do that. Details are coming.

    Synaura wants to give out more checks to more people than any other network marketing company. They love the 'small guy"; They are the backbone of any Company.

    When I started this post, I referred to Xango and MonaVie. They are both doing quite well, but they'll had their biggest runs in my opinion. Synaura is a Company like them in that their products are based on an exotic berry. But Synaura is much different.

    Synaura is really just getting off the ground. Synaura is innovative and not just "first to market" but first in the world with time released Synplex Technology. And so much more is to come, which I will post about here.

    Before I go, I want to touch on our Synaura Global Outreach Program. Currently we are open in the USA with NFR )Not For Resale) Status in Canada. We will soon open in Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Ukraine. For other countries we have our GO Program.

    This program allows individuals in other countries not open by Synaura to join Synaura and secure their Straight Line Position. How? By going to a mysynaura website of their choice and clicking on join. They will find a link under Step One for International Members.

    You will be required to buy an EBK (Electronic Business Kit). If you joined Synaura in the past, you do not need to do this. Once you do, then your position is saved. Believe me, people in the Int'l Community are doing this very quickly.

    You will be able to buy products from Synaura when they open in your country and you will be required to do so then within 30 days to keep your position. A sponsor may be able to get you samples of the products in the mean time.

    I will keep you posted with new developments with Synaura.
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    That's really a great posting! Thank you.

    There will be a special LIVE Webinar on Saturday (16th Jan, 1:00PM EST) with Dr.Kenneth Kroll, CEO - Dan Maltais, and SVP - Travis Martin.

    You can find the registration link at the corporate website: http://synaura.com/meetingsevents/conference-calls-webinars

    Dr. Kroll will be talking on the competitive advantage of AVIA/SYN40. Dan & Travis will unveil the details for the new Synaura Global Outreach program ??“ Do not miss this one!

    This is an important call for people who are interested in Synaura.
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    If you missed the Synaura University webinar above, you missed an exciting announcement about Synaura's newest "Global Outreach" (GO) program as well as a fantastic presentation by Harvard MD, Dr. Kenneth Kroll on Synaura's current and future product lines.

    This webinar was recorded. To view the webinar as well as other archived webinars visit the link below:

    http://www.synaura.com/webinar.htm (Use Internet Explorer)

    Visit http://synaura.com for future webinar schedules and registration information. Synaura is on the move and we are extremely excited to help the world "Free The Possibilities"
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    Synaura believes that the key to success and longevity is profitability.

    With Synaura`s freedom plan, you can become profitable faster than any other opportunity on the market.

    Check out the Synaura 'No Risk Policy', 'Guaranteed Income Program' and see for yourself. For less than a $1 a day, you can begin your path to financial freedom.
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    Synaura University Special Webinar Today!

    Sat, Feb 6, 2010 1:00 PM ??“ 2:00 PM EST

    You will not want to miss the details of the harvesting of the world's greatest natural gift ??“ the Maqui Berry.

    CoFounders Dan Maltais and Travis Martin will recap their mission in Chile last week working with the Mapuche and the harvesting of the Maqui Fruit. You will be hearing about the Synarua Fund & Incentive Trip to Chile.

    You may want to check out the info at the corporate website at:

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    Synaura is excited about the new growth they are experiencing. Sales from December to January has DOUBLED! Below are some latest announcements:

    Synaura is now in the final stages of opening Mexico. Now is the time for distributors to contact their associates and contacts south of the border.

    In addition to that, Synaura's new product line is also nearing completion. The launch of this new Harvard MD backed product will be available to distributors soon, once again, harnessing the wonderful benefits of the Maqui Berry and synergistically using the latest science research to create, yet another product that is revolutionary and geared towards keeping your body healthy and young.
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    Saturday's, 1:00 PM EDT
    Synaura University join us. Receive tips and insights as to share the Synaura Opportunity with your prospects.

    Please tune in on Saturday, register now

    Register for a session now by clicking on a link below: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/438472218

    Saturday's 1:00 PM ??“ 2:00 PM EDT
    Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.
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    Check out the NEW Lead Capture page for Synaura Distributors. When you become a Synaura Distributor, you will not only get a MySynaura replicated site for free. At the same time, a lead capture page will be provided to you to help you build your business.

    Here's how the Synaura lead capture page look like:


    The username will be your username you choose when you sign-up with Synaura.
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    Synaura is working on another 2 new products and will be released in 2010.

    1. Cholesterol fighting product
    2. Multivitamin product

    These will consists time released technology & Maqui Berry like AVIA & SYN40.

    Check it out.
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    You will not want to miss Saturday's Synaura University Call.

    20th Feb 2010, 1:00 PM EST

    Join CEO Dan Maltais, Senior VP of Sales Travis Martin and Chief Science Officer Dr. Kenneth Kroll as they share with you more than 75 years of experience and success in Network Marketing:

    - Become a more efficient prospector GUARANTEED. Learn this highly guarded secret.
    - Where do successful distributors find new distributors and leads?
    - Two have to have tools for your Synaura success. Without them you will fail.
    - AVIA and SYN40. What is so different about these product lines. Dr. Kroll explains.
    - The Synaura Fund. How your involvement in Synaura is already saving lives.

    To register, please go to the corporate website (Synaura.com), then choose Meetings/Events, select Conference Calls and Webinars. Register yourself by clicking on the registration link.

    See you there!

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