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    Hi all,

    I just ran across this new site called Tagevillage! This business is unlike anything I have seen before. They are trying to pioneer the concept of a "Tithing Corporation". This business model is based on the concept of giving 10% of the GROSS profit! Not the NET! Simply by being an active part of the village, you will help amazing charities and humanitarian causes.

    Now, this is great, especially of you are all about giving back! But it gets even better... You now have the opportunity to get in on the Ground Floor of this site! This site is all about trading Tags. As you accumulate Tags and earn advertising commissions, your Tags will become valuable. Just like prime real estate, people will pay you a premium for your valuable Tags. Tag Trading is an easy way to earn big profits! I just started trading tags and I have found there are a LOT of Great tags left!

    So, Jump on in and get some tags while they are still cheap at tagvillage.com!

    I don't see this opportunity as a short term money maker but a great long term investment...

    Check it out and let me know what you think!


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    I never heard of them. Sure they are new, so that is why.

    Good luck with it. Hope you do well.

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