Talk Show Radio Program want to interview Work At Home Dads

Discussion in 'Work at Home Dads' started by mikepressnell, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. mikepressnell

    mikepressnell New Member

    Hey Guys,

    There is a talk show radio program in which the program director wants to interview work at home men. She explained to me that in the past few years many more men are joining the women by starting businesses in their homes. This is why she is looking for men, however, if you know a woman working at home, she might also want to talk with them.

    I must tell you , though, that I already have the spot lined up for my company, MPM, so it won't do you any good to approach her about that company.

    If you are working with another comapny, especially in direct sales, and if you are intereted in being interviewed on a talk show readion program, send me an email about what is it that you do and I'll forward the information to her.

    Thanks guys,

    Mike Pressnell
  2. wapahm

    wapahm New Member

    I was surfing around in here and found this post.

    did you get many people to email you and let this lady interview them?

    just curious.
  3. mikepressnell

    mikepressnell New Member

    I had only one person email me and say that he was intereted it talking with her. I don't know the results of that email. Are you interested? If so, email me and let me know and I'll forward your information to her.
  4. heistheanswer

    heistheanswer New Member

    Hi Mike, I just saw this post, is the offer still open? I don't only work at home, but I do make money from home and work a regular JOB. I think that in this day and age it's important for dads to do whatever they have to do to make things better for their family. As I type this it's 1:00 am in the morning and I'll be getting up a few hours from now to go into work, then come home and work my online business. It's stressful but worth doing to set my family's future up. Talk to you soon, take care and GOD bless
  5. mikepressnell

    mikepressnell New Member

    Hi Jason,

    I'm forwarding your post to the person who does the show.


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