TampPogo is really something that has to be absorbed and not skim over or you will think it is just another shopping portal with a bunch of affiliate links which are common these days, yet not very profitable.

    I have researched thousands of businesses over the years, and the one thing that is most disappointing is that few if any offer true verifiable value on name brand merchandise. I know from my experience, most online businesses do not save consumers and businesses money, TamPogo does.

    Think of TamPogo as the Amazon and WalMart concept, online shopping at guaranteed low prices. Then again, compare it to Sam's Club, Costco and BJ's Clubs, but without any annual fee like these clubs charge. Yes, I said FREE, plus no autoship is required, in fact, shopping is optional, it is up to you, but when you do make a purchase, you open up your commission channel.

    What are people most looking for in this recession? Savings, everyone wants to save money, and if you follow trends as I do, you know that we are entering an age of frugal shopping, the days of excess are over, and with recession far from being over, this trend will continue for decades as everyone is uncertain about the future with unemployment close to 10% and most people a week away from financial collapse if they lose their jobs.

    If you are familiar with the term transfer buying, then you know we are not selling, we are telling and sharing the great savings everyone can realize simple from changing where they shop. If you already use Amazon or WalMart, great, shop at TamPogo and you will save up to 50% over best prices anywhere else, online of off. I didn't believe it either until I did my cost comparisons. Why, because it has never been done before, savings were never found within the industry, the prices were always higher from affiliate sites or network marketing companies, always.

    TamPogo is in beta testing preregistration stage, so only a hundred items is loaded to test store before upgrading to full blown super site with tens of thousands of name brand merchandise and services. With over 17000 registering in first three weeks, and 11,000 optional purchases made, all on word of mouth, this is as viral as marketing gets. People will refer others even if they are just members, not independent representatives, so think how many members we will have when site launches next week.

    Just so you know, this is not a flash in the pan company, when you register and listen to the back office interview with Chuck Stebbins, the CEO and former founder of MySpace, you will get to know why this multi millionaire came out of retirement. His focus and reason for introducing TamPogo is to feed starving children worldwide which is his mission, and he is kind enough to allow each of us to save money, make money and help our local non-profit fundraisers at the same time. This happens to be my focus given charities are in trouble because of economy, so they need help, and TamPogo has specific division which focuses on the TamPogo-Fundraiser division.

    Never before has a fundraiser rewarded its volunteers, so imagine how many more volunteers you can attract if you reward them for their time and effort. And with no selling, just telling, it doesn't get any easier, and with no cost, no inventory, no deliveries, no accounting or collections, this is a win, win, win solution for all non-profit organizations. TamPogo made my top ten list immediately, as it will yours when you research it. Recession Proof businesses are far and few between, and if you ever hope to succeed in a home business, finding one that saves money for everyone is the way to go.

    Success to all,


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  2. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    I just saw a link for Tampogo and I always check on this site, before even considering anything. How is the progress with the company and how is it working for you now?

  3. Hi Julsy,

    I have been involved from start, and although it is not a get rich quick deal, it is a well thought out high caliber program which has exceeded my expectations, not only from the money you save purchasing direct from manufacturers of health, nutritiona, anti-aging, skin care and weight loss products, but they are top shelf products as well, many exclusive, and with more coming, this is worth a closer look by everyone.

    Better yet, we have now fed 600,000 starving children which was the main reason Chuck Stebbins, our CEO started TamPogo. With so many new products and strategies, plus these huge company bonus pools, you can actually be passive and earn money just by making a small purchase each month of items you probably are already purchasing elswhere for more. It all starts with value, so I am very pleased with results to date, especially with bonus money now added.

    If you have any questions, just ask, I talk with Chuck regularily, and no question will go unanswered.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,

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