Targeted Backlinking... Anyone use it?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by eautocad, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. eautocad

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    Does anyone here care about if their backlinks are targeted? Do you even know what backlinks are? Most people I talk to have no clue what I'm talking about... They think its those funny earings on people's backs...

    Well these lil buggers can make or break your business. If you use an automatic backlinking service, that sprays your link all over creation; THATS BAD. Wonder why your not getting top search results? Because google basis your listing on relevancy.. Relevancy of your page, title, domain, inbound links, and outbound links.. And the inbound links of your inbound links (Backlinks of your backlinks)

    I'm just curious if anyone has acknowledged the power of targeting your backlinks. Not only do you get better search engine placement, you also get a steady flow of targeted customers into your website. This is much better than untargeted... For example, "Why would you goto a bank for a cheeseburger? You might get one if your lucky, but the quality will suck. Same thing with backlinking... Think targeted
  2. web20mentor

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    This has become a HUGE part of my business. I do videos now and have them show up on the top of Google within hours because I have learned how to use backlinks.

    One tip, and I don't usually give out SEO tips since half the time people are wrong about what they think tip is that your external anchor text should be the name of your site or keyword.

    I see so many people go after tons of back tracks and back links that use anchor text like "learn how here" or something like that instead of using their site name or desired keyword.

    Big mistake. An example is in my signature. I am going after the keyword "attraction marketing" so I always put those words in my anchor text. It's like a "thumbs up" for your site as an authority on that keyword.

    If you knew that already, great. Maybe someone else learned something. If not, hope that helps!

    Danny Arrington
  3. dmitch31

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    All of the resources I've read online about backlinking in general already implement the whole "targeted" idea into the process from the very beginning. Doing untargeted backlinking is pretty pointless.

    It takes a long time for Google to even start recognizing your targeted backlinks, much less untargeted ones. In my opinion, regarding untargeted backlinking, don't even bother.
  4. Breanne

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    I agree with web2.0mentor. I do exactly the same thing with my videos and links

    CSGWAHM New Member

    Exactly web2.0mentor, if you use backlinks correctly, you can show up on google within hours. really does not take google long to recognize the targeted backlinks when done properly. Backlinking is very powerful!
  6. pcwork

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    Relevant backlinks help, both for SEO and getting targetted traffic

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