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    A few friends of mine at work asked me if I'd go to a meeting with them. At first I said yes, but after I discovered that there was a cost to join (about $200), I decided not to. However, this is what I did find out:

    1. You can purchase bulk merchandise from them at a reduced cost

    2. It is a MLM, but if you know how to market products, its not necessary to have a "downline" to make money.

    3. You can make good money at it. My friend says she joined, and has averaged about $200 a month over the last couple of months - although it took her somewhere around three months before she was able to generate that cash flow.

    Anyway, if you want to make the investment, it sounds like a reasonable opportunity. This info may be a little "off", of course, since I learned all of this in the course of about 15 minutes, but the website address (assuming my memory is correct) is

    One problem, however, as you may have noticed, is that you may have to contact a teambuilders representative directly or get an invite from someone to join. I couldn't even log into their website as a "guest" just to see their product line, but perhaps someone from team builders will find this forum post and enlighten all of us, or if you'd like, you can send me a PM and I can see what I can do to get in touch with my co workers for you.
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    Anyone else have some experience on myteambuilder? I would like to hear some other opinions. Thanks!
  3. Silverstone

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    It sounds like a lot of WORK.

    I hate work.

    Jaime McCarley
  4. getagrip

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    I posed this over two years ago, and am no longer employed at the company I worked at when I was in contact with this person from team builders. What's kinda funny is that at the time, she said she was earning about $200 a month, and I kept telling her I'd be earning way more than her.

    Well...two years later, I'm self employed as an affiliate marteter, and she's still with the company I used to work for, so my guess is she didn't make it very far past the $200 mark LOL!

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