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    I thought I'd mention my experience with the Terapad Reseller Program (www.terapad.com/reseller).

    I think it's a bit different from the programs I found here. I tried a few of the 'more legit looking' MLMs and a few 'Get rich quick' schemes - and frankly I think the only people making money in these are either 1) the ones at the top of the pyramids and 2) the ones that actually sell old ebooks for 35$. I should have known better, that's for sure, because I didn't make a single penny.

    Anyhow, getting back to my review. As I said I liked it because it's different. They don't charge you to enter the program, there's nothing to buy, zilch, which is a nice change! Basically they provide a service which allows people to create corporate websites really quickly (in minutes), and without any technical skills. They provide the hosting, the support etc, you just resell these sites at whatever price you want.

    My understanding is that they are located in the UK and they aren't a big company, so they probably can't afford to have proper distribution channels in France (where I live) or in fact, anywhere else in the world (US included!) Their sites look a-m-a-z-i-n-g - seriously better than most I've seen for sure - in fact my husband managed to convince his boss to have their company switch to this (and guess who did their sites [​IMG])

    So far I've been doing this for 3 months and I've been selling 13 websites (I've also made 3 others for free for friends and family). I charged between 800 and 1200 euros each time, so I made a tidy sum in profit since I only paid Terapad 50 usd per site. And the sites are great, lots of features like job search and blog etc which my customers absolutely l-o-v-e-d. I spent maybe 2 days per site the first few times, now it only takes me half a day to set things ups and another half day to make things look great.

    My clients? Well basically I started from friends who had small business with really ugly sites and then word-of-mouth did the rest. In terms of skills required, well I had a blog before so none of the linguo scared me, so you might find that being familiar with things like facebook help - but then again I imagine most people are.

    That's it! That's my review! Thank you for reading.

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