Test Your Web Designs In Different Browsers

Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by VictoriaNTC, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    My team has found this to be very helpful, and I wanted to share.
    This is not an affiliate link, just a free resource.

    Have fun!
  2. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi NTC,

    Excellent find. This is a real time saver. You've provided a great resource for webmasters who would normally have to open up their site in several different browsers and take a screenshot from each browser.

    Not only that, but this site takes shots from earlier versions of browsers and it has drop down options for each browser.

    Thanx a lot NTC [​IMG]

    ~Newbie Shield~
  3. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    I share Newbie Shield's enthusiasm for this very convenient and
    useful resource. Every serious webmaster ought to have this link
    bookmarked. Thanks for passing it on, Victoria.

  4. gradyp

    gradyp New Member

    I just checked out that site, and it is pretty cool. It makes it easy to make sure it will work with multiple browsers. I even checked out a CSS Zen Garden page that I knew had a different look on Firefox vs IE 5/5.5/6, and it does look different in them [​IMG] It appears that they corrected the issue with IE 7, but I thought I looked and saw the same thing. I'll check again later on tonight with my IE just to see, but it is an interesting tool. thanks!
  5. naturalis

    naturalis New Member

    I'm truly amazed by this site. The fact that you can see the actual screenshots is amazing!

    Definitely going to bookmark this.

  6. Casper

    Casper New Member

    Thank you so much for this site it will save me heaps of time great find.
  7. Seth

    Seth New Member

    Great Site thank you !
  8. BlueIce

    BlueIce New Member

    It is a good site, we have used similar ones in the past but that definately looks better, thanks.

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