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    I'm amazed how people have the desire to work at home instead of how going to work at the 9-5 job.
    When you look at yourself when you first entered the home based business world, you were just like any other new people who starts to wonder and look for opportunities.
    And by looking how far and how much you've done, you just get the sense of your own accomplishments and a sense of guru lol [​IMG]
    And you are a guru/expert of your own path. You know what works and what doesn't.
    You set up yourself to come this far and be thankful for that this day. Because tomorrow when you look back again, Lord knows.
    So I am thankful for you guys and I sense there will be more success in the future now the technology is growing.
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    Josh, best of luck to you and to all [​IMG]


    ~Newbie Shield~
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    Yeah this is growing and growing and at very fast pace thats why I am afraid a bit. But however I am positive about this as you will every kind of information through internet and we are getting the opportunity from internet itself only.

    So long live Internet and long live our job

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