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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by kalien, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. kalien

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    I usually have little tolerance for Reality TV, but one show that I am obsessed with is The Amazing Race. [​IMG]

    My husband & I love to travel, and are extremely competitive -although not with each other!

    While watching "Race" this past Sunday, they announced that applications were being accepted for Season #13 (my lucky number!) I downloaded the 13-page application, began filling it out, as did my husband, but then we came to the part about having to submit a 3-minute video "audition/resume" along with the written app. We're not thespians, models or established writers or directors, so we are in a quandary as to make our video stand out.

    I'm putting out a request, (a plea actually!), to any suggestions, advice or recommendations that any of you might have as to how to present shining content for our screen debut. I'm sure the judges don't even read 26 pages of written info. unless they're first captivated by the visual presentation.

    The deadline for submission is less than two weeks away, so we're a bit pressed for time here.

    Thank you in advance for all of your assistance![​IMG]

  2. SQ625

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    You could stand using stilts so that the judges think that you guys are 13 feet tall. Call yourselves "The Worlds Most Giant Contestants".

    Helpful as always.
  3. lalit7552

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    Sorry mate I do not have such kind of experience otherwise surely help you as helping other really give me internal satisfaction.

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