The Attraction Marketing Blueprint

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    Are you looking for a step-by-step attraction marketing blueprint that will help you produce far more targeted traffic, leads and sales?

    The reason attraction marketing work so well is because nobody likes to be sold something.

    But, we’ll totally go out of our way to buy what we want, when we want it,……..right?

    I mean, I know I prefer buying over being sold to.

    So the key to creating more sales is to position your product, service or business opportunity in front of the right people who already are in the “shopping mode” and make it very easy for them to get what you’re offering.

    Attraction Marketing Defined

    More than 28,000 people per month sit down and search the internet for “easy techniques to produce money” and, yet another 60,500 search for “fastest approach to lose weight.”

    So in case you are promoting a business opportunity or a specific diet system, wouldn’t it make sense to just make your offer easy to be discovered when these tens of thousands of people are actively looking for your product or service?

    Obviously. At least I hope it is obvious to you as well

    It is what attraction marketing is all about.

    To build out a great on-line attraction marketing blueprint, it starts by knowing exactly what it is you really need to accomplish.

    Step 1: What Do You Want Or Need?

    You must first start with the end in mind and what is the precise outcome you hope to achieve?

    Meaning, you have to have a purpose behind your content rather than just aimlessly hoping for an end result.

    • Do you need to collect a lead?
    • Make a sale?
    • Just expose and expand your brand?

    Step 2: Who Is Your Target Market?

    After you have the end of mind or the outcome you desire, the next issue will be to figure out your best target market.

    • Who are the people most likely to want your product, service or business opportunity if they knew it existed?
    • Where do they hang out?
    • What challenges are they experiencing and how do they talk about those challenges?
    • What precise words or phrases do they use when actively trying to find more information or to in fact buy your sort of product, service or business?

    One of many simplest methods to find out the details will be to use a keyword investigation tool like the Google Keyword Planner.

    I personally prefer Seobook, who also offer a free keyword research tool, because it gives out a list of the most searches rather than some that are a waste of time due to its very small searches.

    Step 3: Write, Publish And Promote

    Armed with the specific information, now all you need to do is write, publish and promote the answer they are looking for on your web site, blog or even a video and upload it on YouTube.

    Attraction Marketing Promotion

    After you have published your keyword-rich content on the web, the next step to completing the “attraction marketing blueprint” model is to always promote the content in such a way as to get it to rank on the front page of the major search engines.

    This process is called SEO or search engine optimization which is well beyond the scope of this short post.

    You will need to have other websites and blogs to mention your content and link back to your content.

    This “engagement” is how the search engines measure the worth of various net properties.

    The more beneficial your content is perceived as being, the more your content will rank in the search engines.

    Mapping out a solid attraction marketing blueprint is all about understanding how you can make it easy for people to buy when they are in the shopping mood.

    It isn’t about selling, convincing or persuading.

    It’s not interruption marketing. It truly is permission marketing

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