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  1. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    The Berry Tree has just gone into pre-launch. They have a patent pending plan that is unlike anything I've seen before.

    They've teamed with Automaticbuilder and Nutronix to provide yet another nutritional supplement product that we can begin using soon. Nutronix is an International solid debt free company that's been around since the summer of 1999.

    The Berry Tree, Nutronix, Automatic Builder system looks like it's going to be the best way to build an online business and with over 20 nutritional supplements there's bound to be at least one product that many people will want for themselves.

    I've been using the Vitamin B-12 supplement and the Silver Solution and the doctors are happy to see my blood work returning to the levels they've been hoping to see. I haven't been sick since I started taking the Silver Solution. I'm going to try some other products after I see my doctor in two weeks. I can't drink milk so I'm hoping they'll let me try the coral calcium.

    I have cirrhosis of the liver and I have to check with my doctors about everything. I've been keeping my health in check for about 5 years with very little worsening of my condition. I hope these products are part of the reason, but I should give myself some credit. I exercise more and watch my diet better now.

    If there are products that I have purchased that the doctors say I can't take I'll just give them away. That's what I do in my business systems anyway. I've found it's easier to build my list by giving away free stuff, so why not give this stuff away too if I ordered something I can't take.

    There's no affiliate links attached to this, so I'm sure Vishal won't mind if you look at this business system.

    I know that not everyone in the world will be able to join or order products. Some countries are not being accepted because they have proprietary distributors in those countries already. Check the FAQ's for a list of those countries before you try to sign up or order products, since they apparently overlooked it during the initial design of the program. I've even heard of one country where the tax rate to ship there was nearly 50% which makes it pretty expensive. I believe that was Brazil, but I could be wrong.

    To your good health, wealth, and blessings,
  2. DavidG

    DavidG New Member

    I'm a member of the Berry Tree. I love it. Their Payplan is fantastic.
  3. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    Their patent pending plan appears to be just what Automatic Builder / Nutronix has been needing and it gives new members the opportunity to join and earn at a lower cost. In order to make money in Automatic Builder you had to upgrade to Executive Director with a $100/mo cv. With The Berry Tree you can start at nearly half that price and later upgrade in the Automatic Builder to the higher level. It took months for me to reach profit with just AB, but now I see much more hope for faster growth. Creating my own splash pages has helped. It's a little tough when you advertise what everyone else is advertising. You don't stand out.

    Regional Director
  4. jk152005

    jk152005 New Member

    is anyone in this program now?
  5. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    There are hundreds joining every day. On my best day so far
    I had 40 something people join my Nutronix downline.
  6. jk152005

    jk152005 New Member

    do u have to sign up with automatic builder also to do this
  7. piggybanker

    piggybanker New Member

    No you don't have to join automatic builder to become a member
    of The Berry Tree, but you might want to down the road.
  8. jk152005

    jk152005 New Member

    if i might ask how much $ do u make and around how many in ur down line? (estimates)
  9. jk152005

    jk152005 New Member

    does the berry tree do advertising for you
  10. mapiklfish

    mapiklfish New Member

    jk152005, The Berry Tree is supposed to be doing company advertising and that is part of what your money goes toward. I have looked at this program for a long time and read everything I could find on it. I finally joined the particular team that I joined because my upline has made some great marketing pages for us to use. He is VERY helpful and even has calls that you can bring people to if you want.

    Just email me if you would like a link to look at these pages. They are very indepth and honest. There were no surprises once I signed up.
  11. I have just recently joined the Berry Tree Program and am quickly building a strong team. If you havent had a chance yet to see this amazing opportunity. Drop me a quick note and Ill send you my link. I too offer an advertising campaign to help my team make money quickly. I will just add that after only one week I had made back my initial investment and am now making enough residual to cover my monthly fees as well as give me a profit. Its very exciting and I am having great success. If I can help anyone here with the details again. I am always available for serious individuals.

    Sean Keely
    Expect Your Success Marketing
  12. jk152005

    jk152005 New Member

    how is the training they offer
  13. Amazing Support and training from my entire upline. The back office has everything I need. But the upline are there if I need anything else. They also offer advertising and builder programs to set you up quickly and into profit. Its what I call a No Brainer.

    Ive sent you a private message with a link for you.

    Look forward to hearing what you think.

    Sean Keely
    Level 3 Director CV
    FTV SE Distributor
    Expect Your Success Marketing
    BT Member
  14. jk152005

    jk152005 New Member

    how do u check the private messages?
  15. I just sent it to your comcast account. I am resending the same message now.

    Sean Keely
    Level 3 Director CV
    FTV SE Distributor
    Expect Your sucess Marketing
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  17. shepherds

    shepherds New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I am thinking of joining The Berry Tree, maybe this is what I am looking for, as I live in Australia, I would just like to know how do they pay you, by check or some other means, and an honest answer on how much I would need to spend to really make this work other than the monthy fee, this program seems to be very popular but I have been caught so many times before, this will be my last ditch effort if I join, so could someone be really honest and give me some hope.
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  19. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Are you required to buy a certain amount of product per month and/or what are the monthly charges? Is that $56 a one time fee?

  20. The 56 dollars is for your website and a months supply of the O2 Berry product. You will be charged this amount every month. And will get another month of the product.
    As others sign up under you and pay the same, you will make commissions on that. If you have 8 under you , you will be making the 56 dollars that covers your cost.


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