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  1. bigmoneyPRO

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    1 Stop promoting your companies replacated website

    2 Become a leader that people will trust and follow

    3 Become the best internet marketer you can be

    4 Find a mentor that cares about how well you do

    5 Keep a postive mindset no matter what happens

    6 Learn to follow directions when told what to do

    7 Get your own attraction marketing system online

    8 Learn how to build a list so you can market to

    9 Learn how to use facebook,twitter,myspace

    10 Learn how to start a blog on the internet
  2. mountainmom5

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    bigmoneyPRO: 10 Learn how to start a blog on the internet

    My favorite past time these days![​IMG]

    Actually it is ALL good advice though.
  3. dvxjunkie

    dvxjunkie New Member

    I think even more important than all of those is to learn SEO and how to generate traffic with Google. Newbies go broke fast without it.
  4. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Beside SEO, there are numbers of ways to promote your business.
    Like article marketing, social networking.....
  5. PMHayes

    PMHayes New Member

    BigMoney, I agree with all but your first one. I use my company's replicated website as a capture page. It's just too well done not to use. However, I also blog, write articles, post in forums, and have tons of links pointing to both my blog and my capture page. I am just getting into the facebook thing. I could use some advice there. I don't see how it can be used for marketing other than becoming part of an ever growing community of "friends." I'd love some advice there. I haven't got a clue about twitter, haven't started on that one, yet. In the works is a video for You-tube.

    While I'm on the subject, I would love for folks to visit my blog (see sig file) and give me some pointers as to how I can improve it.

    Mitch H.
  6. drsajidhasan

    drsajidhasan New Member

    Strong points to remember ,, must agree. I also feel that MLM is something which is a long term success so you need to be totally committed and show dedication no matter if you are getting highs or lows. some day or the other the river of wealth will find it's way to the sea. I wish all of my fellow networkers massive success and growth in their respective MLM business. I am really enjoying my business and would certainly answer any of your queries as I happen to be a MLM Internet Marketing Coach
  7. 2x2Prosperity

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    It's called network marketing for a reason. You network with people first, get to know them, see how you can help them and provide value to their business. They will follow you once they see that you are credible and that you can help them improve whatever situation they are in today.

    These social network sites are good for those reasons. Building a network, building relationships, and building trust. Don't just take anyone, see if the people you speak with are a good fit with you too.

    SEO is good to get the word out there, but conversions may occur better thereafter if you have networked with your prospects.

  8. samda

    samda Member

    10 best sentences I have heared in recent days....

  9. ScottCofer

    ScottCofer Member

    Simple, really. Have patience, and consistently talk to new people - every day!

    Then teach your group to do the same ....

    This is a business of personal relationships and connecting with people...


    [Link removed - Admin]
  10. kyrash

    kyrash New Member

    Twitter is actually a good way to get some traffic as long as you know how to do it with some subtility. [​IMG]
  11. Bryguy514

    Bryguy514 New Member

    Facebook and Myspace are a GREAT way to advertise your MLM. They have groups you can join that have ppl sharing the same interest. As a matter of fact I recently joined a MLM that is launching through facebook REALLY soon. It took my a while to get involved in those as well. But well worth it for your business.
  12. BobFirestone

    BobFirestone New Member

    For long term success I think people forget to use and love the products you represent.

    If you don't love the product enough to use your monthly auto-ship you can bet your downline doesn't either and if they will be dropping out soon if they are not making money.
  13. cherylsellshome

    cherylsellshome New Member

    Answer this question and see if you're talking so that people will listen...

    If I gave you a pencil and asked you to sell it, how would you go about it?

    This is one of the most basic of interview questions for sales reps, and the answer reveals so much about your previous training, your understanding of the sales process, and ultimately about what kind of sales rep you are.

    So, what is the most effective way to sell a pencil? Well, first let's look at how most sales reps go about doing it. When I'm interviewing sales reps I love using this technique. After letting a rep tell me how good of a closer they are, I pull out a pencil, hand it to them, and tell them to sell it to me. And off they go!

    80% of sales reps start the same way ??“ they start pitching. "This pencil is brand new, never used. It has grade "2" lead and a bright yellow color so it's easy to find. It comes with a built in eraser," etc.

    Some reps can (and do!) talk about it for 5 minutes or more before they ask a question or ask for an order. As the sales rep rambles on, I begin to yawn, roll my eyes, etc. Amazingly, this just makes them talk even more! "What's wrong with these people?" I think.

    Now let's look at how the top 20% go about selling a pencil. As soon as I give a top rep the pencil, they pause, and then they begin asking me questions:

    "So how often do you use a pencil?"

    "How many do you go through in a month?"

    "What other locations does your company use pencils at, and how often do they order them?"

    "What quantity do you usually order them in?"

    "Besides yourself, who's involved in the buying decision?"

    Quite a difference, huh? I'll tell you right now, I listen to hundreds of sales reps in a month and they can easily be separated into these two groups: Those who pitch, pitch, pitch, and those who take the time to understand their prospect's buying motives, and properly qualify to understand the entire selling process.

    Now let's see which category you fit in. When you speak with a prospect for the first time, how much of your script is focused on describing and pitching your product or service as opposed to questioning and uncovering buying motives?

    If yours is like most scripts I review, then it's filled with descriptions of what you do and how your product or service helps them. Most scripts attack the prospect with a barrage of "value statements" that turn people off and make them want to get you off the phone as quickly as possible.

    Want a better way? Then take a tip from some of the best "pencil sales reps" and change your script and opening to focus more on questioning - discovering whether you're dealing with a qualified buyer, and what it might take to actually sell them.

    Without knowing this, you'll just end up with a lot of frustration and a lot of unsold pencils at the end of the month.

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