The Blue Train

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    A luxurious passenger train called the BLUE TRAIN,in SOUTH AFRICA was driving past a farm and derailed!The farmer came running to the train driver and shouted:"You idiot,how am I suppose to remove this train?"!He then phoned the minister of transport and told him what happened and asked for the train to be removed.
    When the minister arrived at the scene he lividly shouted at the traindriver:"How did you derail my train?"!!!!!!

    The driver answered:"I'm sorry sir,but,when I came around the bend I saw my mother-in-law on the track".

    And the minister asked him:"Why didn't you just drove over her and killed her?"!!!!!!!!
    The driver answered:"I wanted to Sir,but she ran into the farmland"!
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    Haha! Good joke. [​IMG]

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