The Craigslist Scam

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Chaz T, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Chaz T

    Chaz T New Member

    Here's one of the latest scams that I've heard about that is using craigslist as a platform. It works as follows:

    - Open up a click bank and free email account

    - Find a book about dogs at click bank

    - Post an ad on craigslist saying that your "giving away a dog"

    - When someone replies to the ad they receive an email saying something like "we have a ton of interested people for the dog so we'll be getting back with you, but in the meantime check out this book about dogs!"

    So you can kind of see where all this is leading! Can you believe the nerve of some people? Truly amazing. Anyhow if you see one of these ads on craigslist or receive one of these emails, just toss it into your deleted bin.

    Just wanted to inform everyone.
  2. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Quite a moronic way to try to sell an ebook really. I am not sure I would even call it a scam... its really not a clever scheme at all.
  3. Chaz T

    Chaz T New Member

    Very Idiotic way to sell an ebook. Initially offering something that doesn't even exist has the smell of a scammer from the start.

    Not quite sure what actions Craigslist would take if they found out they were being used for this. But I know for a fact that Click bank would not approve this type of behavior with their service.
  4. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    But I doubt how can clickbank track these things, unless if somebody report it..
  5. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I wouldn't be concerned. I doubt this person is selling any ebooks.

    Its just the work of somebody who is totally clueless.
  6. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Yes, I too doubt whether too many books are being sold
  7. jmerrick

    jmerrick New Member

    There are a lot of people out there who think spamming MySpace and Craigslist is a great idea; which of course it's not. You can get banned and even fined for these actions.

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